Geral W. Sosbee: Pillars of the community are rotting    
 Pillars of the community are rotting
picture15 Jul 2015 @ 01:48, by Geral W. Sosbee

The legal professionals ignore the crimes that victims of DEW and other covert attacks endure because no profit be apparent for lawyers in prosecuting difficult cases against fbi/cia/nsa, etc. Money, greed and immoral indifference to suffering characterize the legal professionals and in a broader sense the rulers of the USA. Attorneys and judges fraudulently condemn as paranoid all who make claims of covert, high tech assaults. Thus, for love of money, lawyers, doctors and others all pile on against the Target of inhumane assaults on our people. In private these 'pillars' of the community also by inference conclude that victims of US atrocities deserve the unconscionable torture delivered upon them.
This is the reality and history will frown on all of them for their crimes and their silent conspiracy. 

Excerpt from:

I indict this societyIn recognition of this corrupt and cowardly society, I provide the following indictment of individual leaders, professional practitioners and ordinary citizens…

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