Geral W. Sosbee: Evidence in support of my paper entitled “Corruption of Law & Society    
 Evidence in support of my paper entitled “Corruption of Law & Society
picture14 Jul 2015 @ 21:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

For over 15 years I have identified persons, companies, police and officials of the crimes committed against me by the fbi in their efforts to silence me from reporting their high and unconscionable crimes. No one in government addresses such wide spread corruption that I document. The fbi intends to not only silence me, but to show all other fbi agents/operatives/informants/contatcs (current, past and incoming) that “if you become a whistleblower you will suffer the same or worse fate as Geral Sosbee”.

Below are two examples where US companies and their employees actually assist the fbi in harassment of or crimes against my person.

Example Number One:

I notified Ross Stores (ROST) that an employee assisted the fbi in harassing me in the store. In the first email below is the response from Ms. Wycoff (ROST), followed by my original complaint to her office.

The second email below contains my report of DEW attacks on me by the fbi in retaliation for contacting ROST.

ROST replies to my complaint, followed by my original complaint to ROST:

Paige Wycoff (Store Ops)

Jul 13 (1 day ago)

to me

Dear Mr. Sosbee:

On behalf of Ross Stores I apologize for your recent shopping experience at our Harlingen, TX store.

Your e-mail has been forwarded to the District Manager, Daniel Torres , who is responsible for this location to address your concern with the store management team. Making sure our customers have a good shopping experience is important to us so we appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us so we can make it better!


Paige Wycoff

Customer Service


Ticket ID# 599365

From: []
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2015 12:51 PM
To: Customer Inquiries
Subject: Customer Service

Name: geral sosbee
City: harlingen
State: TX
Receipt Number:
Receipt Date: Month Day, Year
Gift card number:

Message: About 8 months ago I and my wife shopped again in your Harlingen, Texas store, whereupon your *security guard began to follow and harass me in the store me as though she suspected me of something. I reported the assault to the store manager and I provided my name, etc, The harassment by the security guard continued until we left the store. *Hisp/female/5'7", fair complexion,short hair, 23-25 yrs, aggressive and not particulalrly feminine. I have concluded after talking with your employees in the store and at other Ross Stores that the assaults were not and are not customary. I realize that probably the fbi contacted the Ross security guard and advised her to make her presence known to me as I am under investigation. Perhaps you could advise the simple minded security that if in fact the fbi contacted her, that she was dealing with assassins who are engaged in an incredible slander and torture campaign (& attempted murder) against me for life; that she is an example of the fascist overthrow of this government by the intel community which controls all public and private institutions at will; and that she in good conscience should apologize not to me but to her boss for allowing thugs of the fbi to use her in this despicable manner. We do not visit the Harlingen Ross store anymore because I do not want to see her little face. This is submitted FYI. geral sosbee, ex fbi.

My Second email to ROST today:

Ms. Wycoff,

Thanks for the message concerning the above assault by your security guard in Harlingen, Texas.

last night in apparent retaliation for reporting the incident to your offices, the fbi increased the *DEW (sleep deprivation) on me to an extreme level. This type of fbi response is not unusual, so I consider their attack as further evidence of the corruption of a ROSS security employee by the fbi in Harlingen. Your employee therefore may have ignorantly committed a crime against my person.

I send this message to you because you and ROSS STORES are now in a position to verify my report and are witnesses to some of the crimes committed against me by the fbi and persons acting under their influence.

One such crime is 'threat by intimidation'.
Regarding the DEW assaults on me, no one can verify because they are run by fbi and are classified & invisible . More information on the DEW is contained in my paper at


See 6th link from bottom in the above article: " psychoelectronic weapons"

Kind Regards:


Example Number Two:

Cinemark Movies, Harlingen, Texas

See the following report for a similar harassment incident two years ago in the Harlingen, Texas, Cinemark Movies location: The manager of Cinemark Harlingen, Pat Brady, confirmed that his employee, David Gonzales, improperly attempted to embarrass me by having a co-worker challenge me to show my tickets in the movie auditorium. David Gonzales made up the following excuse for his actions against me: "it was an intellectual fart".


For additional evidence of the corruption of law and society by the fbi see “My Story In Detail” in 20 parts and see:


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