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picture11 Jul 2015 @ 18:25, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi, cia,dod,nsa et. al. all enjoy their anonymity as war criminals . The cowards use secret, invisible methods and technology against our people and as sub humans these perpetrators of heinous offenses represent  the lowest form of homo sapiens ever to inhabit the good earth.

Here are a few links in further explication:

DEW assaults:


Hold the government agents criminally liable for crimes against humanity:


Doctors and street thugs who participate in the secret crimes must be publicly identified :

Explication Of Salient Events :

All humans and institutions who fail to honestly address these issues are guilty as accomplices,  or are culpable as fools,  useless to our shared goal of improving the human condition. 

Thank you kindly .

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