Geral W. Sosbee: USA Society Is Hereby Indicted    
 USA Society Is Hereby Indicted
picture9 Jul 2015 @ 03:19, by Geral W. Sosbee

In recognition of this corrupt and cowardly society, I provide the following indictment of individual leaders, professional practitioners and ordinary citizens who surrender their conscience and this nation unto the traitorous assassins & torturers of the fbi:

1) Lawyers - all abandoned me on learning of the fbi's fraudulent smear campaign against me; some of you gave no parting farewell, except to mumble ,"My country right or wrong" or , " Pray, Geral".

2) Academia - all fled association with me, as though I had the plague. All refused me employment and even friendship.

3) **Medical doctors and dentists- Most of you assisted the fbi in torturing me, poisoning me, slandering & insulting me, and pretending that you are upstanding citizens helping the fbi.

4) Congress- you are quite simply frauds and traitors.

I forgive all of you, but history will not be so generous because:

You abandoned your professional and personal responsibility to a fellow citizen (a veteran who risked life to protect each of you); you abandoned your
own sense of reason, judgement and good sense in order to appease the thugs of the fbi, the most murderously evil government
employees in US history; you ignored all of *my life's work including fifteen years
of documentaries and first hand evidence of the overthrow of this government because you wanted to further secure the blessings of the fbi and company and because you believe that your financial security takes precedence over human life.

For All Of The Above, You Too Are Traitors. I take no pride in exposing you as cowards and fools who do not deserve the comforts afforded you at the expense of our citizenry.

**Veterans should see false or misleading medical report here:

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