Geral W. Sosbee: Outlaws Are Better Company Than The Community of Cops    
 Outlaws Are Better Company Than The Community of Cops
picture4 Jul 2015 @ 02:25, by Geral W. Sosbee

Those who get to know the nature of fbi agents, operatives, informants, police associates and street thugs the way I know them discover no need to fear them, but ample motive to pity both them and this nation that suffers their gross and murderous violations. I can assure the reader that a murderer is less to fear than the traitors in fbi, cia, police who rule the nation, as for example the MAFIA rules their syndicate. In most instances, as one reads my reports which illuminate the dirty and cowardly nature of fbi/police, the company of run of the mill outlaws is far more pleasant and enriching than one is likely to encounter in the community of cops.
View the fbi as a global *MAFIA and thereby contribute to the higher education of all by exposing the rats as killers.





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