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 Our Duty, Yours & Mine
picture28 Jun 2015 @ 01:51, by Geral W. Sosbee

Preface :

Most of us go through life focused on our own plight and search for meaning; a few discover a new dimension worthy of our best efforts.

To all in the group who could speak (but don't) on behalf of the imprisoned, maligned, harassed, threatened, tortured, railroaded into honelessness/starvation, forced into despair and suicide, targeted for assassination, and marginalized in our global village: their suffering, tears and blood are on your hands because you embolden the evil doers of our time by adherence to inhumane policies and practices across the broad spectrum of human affairs. Your names are remembered as forever associated with profiteering at the expense of all who do not belong to the privileged class that confines you. [link]

For those of us who join in the struggle to improve the human condition and who yet feel with our hearts and see with our minds the awful injustices that surround us globally, we are the standard bearers of the next age of enlightenment where all human beings are honored as precious children of our Maker.
The Age of Madness is the legacy of the former group.
The Age of Shared Humanity defines our place in history which we humbly claim for own legacy and hopefully for posterity.

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