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 Thoughts On Modern Police Action Against Our people
picture10 Jun 2015 @ 18:31, by Geral W. Sosbee

Thoughts On Modern Police Action Against Our people

Crimes against humanity by the USA and its allies serve the elite, the ruling class and the murderous agenda of the offending nations. The kingdoms and monarchies of the world are among the most corrupt allies of the USA and some of them are listed here: UK, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Belgium, Bahrain, et al.

All local police authorities engage in crimes against the people every day, 24/7/365 in support of the federal global agenda of world inhumane domination. Most police leaders in the USA (and many from around the world) are trained by the professional killers, torturers and mass murderers of the fbi,cia,dod.
A *war crimes trial or a Nuremberg Trial cannot stop the ongoing crimes by corrupt regimes (such as the USA and its good buddies around the world) because the raison d’etre of such nations is to dominate earth and space forever and always for the benefit of the ruling class and to the detriment of the poor and the marginalized.

The daily abuses of people by the police and by the fbi are evidence that all local police at every level are a part of the killing machine sponsored and championed by the fbi,cia,dod. The millions of individuals imprisoned by the USA and allies are first and foremost victims of a economic and political paradigm which is out of balance with the fundamental values of human beings everywhere (such as those concepts enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the original unadulterated US Constitution).

The world’s police community, as represented for example in the fbi,cia,dod,mossad,mi6, etc., contribute very little to the furtherance and preservation of human values such as life, liberty and happiness because their job is to enforce illegitimate laws on behalf of the ruling elite by killing or imprisoning presumed violators. The net contribution of such police thugs is often a negative figure compared to the achievements, professional work and life’s accomplishments of those tortured, imprisoned and murdered by the police community. The killing of our people by the police community is always a violation of rights because such deadly action is not necessary. Alternate methods to subdue confused people are available, but ignored in favor of a public show of mayhem and atrocious action against the suspect.

Slamming people in cages is also cruel and inhumane, especially as other ways of helping people and society are always possible:

The so called criminal justice system (CJS) is a criminal enterprise orchestrated by the fbi et al.

Furthermore, the typical suspect, (i.e.: a person tortured, imprisoned or murdered by the police) in most instances has a far greater record of contributions to society than do those cops/fbi who seek to put him away or kill him. This dichotomy of opposing interests in itself demands reconciliation for the benefit of the human species: the often accused but well intentioned and hard working individual defender of human rights vs. the programmed police/fbi who are bent on killing and incarcerating. The resolution of violent and conflicting forces in society (the people vs the police community) is not likely today because the ultimate authority which has the imprimatur of the ruling class are the homicidal sociopaths in the fbi.

Thus, all the work, all the accomplishments, and all the contributions by a given Target (of the fbi/police inhumane agenda) are trashed by the lowest form of people in society: the thugs in blue and their associates and operatives in the fbi.


Thank you kindly.

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