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In many of my reports I have shown how the fbi gathers wide ranging support for their torture and attempted murder efforts against me. The many so-called 'law enforcement officers' (more correctly known as low minded thugs in blue) from federal, state, and local agencies have personally threatened and harassed me in my face, as though to provoke a response. Some have actually come into my home on fictitious grounds to pretend that I am under investigation, knowing full well that the fbi commits crimes and plants my name at the scenes. Some cops pull me over to ticket me for alleged traffic offenses that they know I did not commit. Another cop boldly plants toxic fumes in my residence in a manner similar to the toxic fumes that an fbi operative used to send me to the doctor for an acute bronchitis attack.

A military intelligence officer files a fraudulent harassment complaint against me with the police who then issue a fraudulent BOLO (be on the lookout) against me, so that I am harassed and threatened every time I enter onto the campus.

The fbi follows along everywhere I go, spreading calumny and even asking street thugs and gang members to assault and provoke me here in the USA, in Mexico, Japan and Thailand. In the two links at the bottom of this report I summarize the many crimes committed against me and ongoing today by the fbi and for the past 25 years. Today I receive a message from a military type who writes, "you are a joke." The people of the world surely do not agree that my reports of crimes against humanity committed by the cowardly dod,cia,fbi agents, operatives, soldiers, assets and street thugs, are a 'joke.' Indeed, my work unlike the work of assassins is designed and intended to save lives, not take them.The outrageous efforts of the US government with the full support of the courts and the congress to torture me is now a recorded fact as per my thousands of posts, reports, articles, law suit, affidavits, appeals etc., many of which are online. Some references to my reports are contained in the links shown below.

I fully understand how so many people and nations would consider the USA as the enemy of mankind.

Based on the tactics that I describe, the military and the fbi/cia are in many instances cowardly terrorists who drape themselves in the American flag and pretend to be patriots. They are not only NOT PATRIOTS; they are traitors attacking our own people when convenient and waging phony wars around the globe.


Thus, I conclude that the America that I knew is overthrown by a group of quasi Gestapo thugs in fbi/cia/dod and their police affiliates globally.

The people may need to study the uncomfortable facts and to realize that the United States of America is today run by the lowest form of (sub) humans ever to live on the planet and this nation is become the principle threat to mankind on the face of the earth today.

Thank you kindly.

US ARMY & fbi feloniously attack US combat veteran to cover up their atrocities.

World at risk :


If ever a demon appear incarnate on earth, we see its shadows by the atrocities committed by fbi,cia,dod.

The United States of America, a nation unworthy to defend, sends our best men into unjust wars and useless battles for a murderous & inhumane agenda:


Lowest common denominator rules USA:

I consider the US military and its defenders/supporters/apologists as the cause for most of the suffering and deaths in the world over the past 50 years. They are by definition professional killers, torturers and misanthropes who bring disaster wherever they go . Their small minds rule the world.


fbi crimes against me:


my affidavits:



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