Geral W. Sosbee: fbi and Boston cop murder an innocent man    
 fbi and Boston cop murder an innocent man
picture2 Jun 2015 @ 23:50, by Geral W. Sosbee

Fbi/police abuses and killings of innocent individuals is a recurring event and reveals in the details of each deadly assault both the disturbing mentality of police/fbi and their usual mode of operation in such unconscionable criminal offenses. The most recent murder by fbi and a Boston cop moves me to write the following report on this topic:

fbi/Boston cop murder an innocent man

*Boston police and fbi kill an innocent man today who was under surveillance and was harassed like me 24/7 for extended periods of time. In my case 25 years of illegal and constant surveillance/harassment, torture and attempts on my life are followed by outrageous and false comments by fbi operatives that I am a murderer and a possible mass murderer and terrorist .

Then, two dangerous high level cops (Knipfing & Rodriguez) come to my home under fraudulent pretense to "talk to me", as occurred in the above referenced incident. I did not want to talk to the two foolish and homicidal cops , and similarly the murdered suspect mentioned above did not want to talk to the fbi and Boston cop. So, they murdered the man and claimed he is a terrorist. See my reports and links to my affidavits here:


Then see my report here that the fbi and police across the nation are homicidal sociopaths who are on a killing spree that expands unquestioned right in our face, and understand that every man may be confronted at some time in his life with such violent police/fbi thuggery and that every man may be faced with an inevitable dilemma :


Also, see my papers here for additional evidence of the complete corruption of the fbi, police,cjs, etc.:

*Below is the summary of the killing today of an alleged terrorist by fbi & Boston police assassins:


"ROSLINDALE, Mass. (WHDH) -A man under surveillance by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force was shot and killed Tuesday morning in Roslindale after Boston Police and an FBI agent fired at the suspect.

According to Boston Police, the male suspect, identified as 26-year-old Usaama Rahim of Roslindale, was wielding a military-style knife and went after an officer around 7 a.m. Tuesday. "

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