Geral W. Sosbee: looking at the mirror: murderers and torturers clothed as sheep    
 looking at the mirror: murderers and torturers clothed as sheep
picture31 May 2015 @ 18:32, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report suggests in its links how the general population assists the fbi,cia,dod in mass murder, selective assassinations, torture and widespread inhumane assaults on people globally. The purpose of the report is to hold a mirror up for all to see the evil that is USA society and the threats implied therein against the good people of the world. A few rotten or putrid fruits infect the basket.

In the reports below (perhaps between the lines and amidst the images conjured up therein) the reader may discover as though looking at a mirror some elements of his (her) own perversions and criminality; for all who participated in any way in the fbi’s illegal vendetta against me are guilty as accessories to torture, attempted murder, and myriad other crimes that I have outlined for the past quarter of a century. In “My Story In Detail” the reader may even find his name and a description of the offenses committed; in most cases the thugs who assault me, including doctors in all fields, are not named because the libel laws protect them from responsibility for their heinous and cowardly assaults on me and my property. In two instance the doctors actually threatened me with legal action for reporting their torture of my person.

So, after reading this material the reader is invited to study the details in My Story which provide specific instances of crimes referenced herein; also one can see my Writ to the SCOTUS and my pleadings to the congress in efforts to stop the fbi’s crime spree against me and many others which continue uninterrupted to date. Note that any operative, informant, associate, or citizen who engages in the crimes that I describe are, notwithstanding their official US government or private employment status ( or Mafia type background) are directly identified as acting on behalf of the fbi, or its cjs and cjis; and in actuality these unkind folks are the Cesspool that I describe in one of my reports.

Lowest common denominator rules USA


Crimes and coverups by USPI and Texas DPS:


Crimes committed by police, fbi, and the general public as accessories as suggested in my affidavits 2007 and 2014.


People beware:

Presently, the Texas legislators and governor pass an open carry firearms law which Imperils all because most who seek to kill others (with firearms and permits or invitations to be armed in public) are affiliated with 'police state' enforcers and the sociopathic murderers inside the police & the fbi.


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