Geral W. Sosbee: Unforgiveable crimes by fbi psychopaths    
 Unforgiveable crimes by fbi psychopaths
picture16 May 2015 @ 06:26, by Geral W. Sosbee

Unforgiveable & unforgettable crimes by fbi/cia

Introduction :

Fbi/cia covert & murderous crimes against humanity are under serious scrutiny globally, partly by virtue of my documentations. Thanks to all who investigate and disclose fbi/cia/dod high crimes.



The fbi's extreme and apparently extended for life intentional infliction of mental & physical trauma on this and many other Targets of the fbi/cia's inhumane and felonious covert/murderous operations, as I have documented for 25 years, are assaults on and are not to be forgotten by all mankind because the evil inherent in such crimes is of universal significance and remains in the collective psyche of human beings of good will forever.

The disturbed personalities whom I describe in most of my articles and papers compound their sins (associated with the unconscionable attacks) by enjoying and profiting from the suffering that they impose; such subhumans with heartless psychopathology in their souls are the hallmarks of the twisted and sick fbi/cia and are noted by all who endure USA ' s abhorrent murders, imprisonment, and torture operations globally.

I am furthermore undeterred in my work, even as legions of insane cops descend around and threaten me.


Finally, the fbi has a slight problem with their attacks on me: many people are watching as I outline the fbi's crimes; many fbi and other government agents (including active and retired fbi/cia) eagerly tune in to my reports as though they too will benefit from any fbi success. For such human monsters, I have a message :


Thank you.

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