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Request for disclosuure under the Texas Public Information Act, Open Records Act; Brownsville Texas Public Library, Texas AG File number not known.

Geral Sosbee
to,, mayormartinez, +6

I often refer to myself below in the third person, GERAL SOSBEE , and in the first person, I.

This is an official request for disclosure of information under the Texas Public Information Act (ORA) for information described *below in the possession, care, custody, control, or reach of the officials and employees of the Brownsville, Texas public library located at Brownsville Texas Public library
2600 Central Blvd
Brownsville, TX

This request is a continuation of my previous request (known to the Texas AG) and also extends to every record at both locations of the library, including the South Most branch.

The information that I request is as follows:
Any record wherever located relating to the blocking of my attorney website listed as


and any other information of any kind or nature (written or verbal) about or in reference to me, GERAL W. SOSBEE.

The above website is recognized by the Texas State Bar as my official attorney website and is used by Geral Sosbee to reach the general public in matters relating to law suits against the fbi for crimes committed by the fbi as established by former fbi counterintelligence agent GERAL SOSBEE. Some of the crimes are listed at [link]

The Texas State Bar page which contains a link to the official attorney website of GERAL SOSBEE is


The law provides that I have a right to the following type of information:

*Public information refers to information collected, assembled, produced or maintained in the course of transacting public business. It may be on paper or film or in electronic communications such as emails, Internet postings, text messages or instant messages.

The instant request for disclosure also includes previously requested information under the ORA wherein the public library officials falsely denied any record on Geral Sosbee, patron number 41129002961967. The Texas AG has a record of that request which may have been used by library officials as a reason to engage in a discreet vendetta against Geral Sosbee. To this day I am harassed in the public library by individuals who may be in receipt of false and prejudicial information against me. For more information in this regard see these two links:


Specific individuals in the library who have almost certainly been in receipt of false and fraudulent information from the fbi or their associates, directly or indirectly, include Jerry Hedgecock (H) , Juan Guerra (G), James McCoy. I have personally confirmed with H and G that the library's own employees witnessed verbal and non verbal assaults on me when I try to use the library; also H and G refuse to ask the offending library patron to leave me alone. I filed police reports on theses incidents. Recently, I also reported to the library security guard that I am again being harassed in the library by persons who seek to cause a disturbance in the area of the computer room where I am working. The officer is named Velador and he kindly advises me to never respond in any manner to the intentional provocations directed at me.

With respect to the blocking of my site at the South Most branch, one Luis Herrera advises me that he fixed the problem and that the fbi had nothing to do with the blocking. My conversation with Mr. Herrera is witnessed by his assistant, Alfredo. Another library employee who may have pertinent data (verbal or written) is one Suzie Kim.
I seek to know from Mr. Herrera exactly the basis or cause of the repeated blocking of my website which he concedes happened. I am entitled to the information because it is part of an "electronic communication."

Each and every library employee who uses the fraudulent reports of the fbi in efforts to insult me or to discourage me from use of the library should be aware that the fbi and associates who come into the facility to slander me are in actuality torturers and assassins as I have documented over the past fifteen years in court filings and on my websites.

This request is made in good faith and is not intended to cause any unnecessary inconvenience to any person. A copy is forwarded to city officials because they are previously on notice by me of the unethical conduct towards me by the library officials.
Thank you


P.O. Box 1548
Brownsville, Texas 78522
(956) 509-1454

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