Geral W. Sosbee: This is the United States of America    
 This is the United States of America
6 May 2015 @ 20:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

 The following report with links offer an insight into 1) the disturbing effects on human beings of the fbi/cia covert crimes and atrocities committed against them 2) the types of crimes regularly perpetrated by USA' s intelligence agencies. Note that many victims of such crimes/atrocities live in denial of reality because delusion is a coping tool against the horrors visited upon them.

The USA is defined by the low subhumans in the fbi/cia/dod,etc. who engage in the atrocities that I document for quarter of a century:

torture, forced suicide, murder observed and recorded in real time ...

...incredible and dirty tactics to demoralize the poor and unfortunate victim (Target, "T"): human urine and feces in and around property of T...

extensive and discreet efforts globally to maim or to kill the T, even while he is in the hospital and suffering from injuries inflicted by agents and operatives of the fbi...

...24/7/365 surveillance & harassment with DEW and street thugs combined with extreme slander authorized by corrupt judges/magistrates...

...all such crimes approved and condoned by congress and the highest courts in the land...

This is the United States of America.


The victims of fbi/cia murderous, covert assaults do not always recognize the atrocities as 'gaslighting' techniques (defined in my previous reports) because no one can imagine that a human being could be so cruel to another person. So, Mengele revealed in his *remarks the universal reaction of 'denial of reality' by the victim to the barbaric attacks he (and now fbi/cia) inflict on our brothers and sisters .

*"The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it."

-------------- ---------------

---------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Below are the words of one such torturer (aka James Duval, aka J Robert Upton, aka 'geral is tiresome') who engages in atrocities against me as I have documented.

The fbi operative, the filthy James Duval, is sent to harass me on many forums, including on the Portland Indymedia which bans me from all efforts to post. Below is one example of fbi thugs engaged in unfounded attacks; note that the janitor referenced by the fbi pled "no contest" to provocative assault and battery of my person at the direction of fbi, UT police and others who wanted to ban me from the library:




Here is the fbi operative who is also a torturer and an apparent serial killer:

"You Just Can't Fix STUPID

James Duval

Sorry you stupid old piece of cow flop, I never said I had a DD214, I just said that your 214 proves that you are a fraud and liar. This isn't about me, it's about you and your bald faced and bald headed LIES.

Fake War Hero: Claims to be a "decorated" war hero, only problem is that he didn't receive even one decoration. Lies and fraud proven by geral's own DD214.

Fake whistle blower: claims to be a whistle blower, only problem is that he never even addressed the Rodriquez case that he claims to have blown the whistle on until 20 plus years after he was forced out of fbi for incompetence and inability to get along with others. Liar and fraud proven by documents on his own website.

Why don't you go pick on a poor janitor like the one you filed a "report" on for asking you to flush the toilet, you cowardly little asshole, because you aren't capable of intimidating me. That's right, Mr War Hero didn't flush the toilet after use at UT library, then when the janitor touched him on the shoulder and asked him to please flush, the little punk piece of shit filed a complaint on the janitor for assault.

You are a lowlife piece of dog shit sosbee, and nobody cares about your whining ass bullshit. Fuck off, moron. "

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