Geral W. Sosbee: The Goodness of Mankind Is Threatened    
 The Goodness of Mankind Is Threatened
picture21 Apr 2015 @ 05:07, by Geral W. Sosbee

Jesus was tortured & murdered

in a police state

USA is a supercharged police state.


Now my report:
"It is what it is", NOT! Creativity is our equalizer.

Those struggling with violent antagonists in The Age of Madness may not fully comprehend the forces at work.

The evil that government and their agents & operatives do abounds and social norms follow the brutal and even *insane actions of government, tripartite. Complex and unfathomable laws, advances in high tech weaponry used against us, stresses in everyday contemporary life combined with genetic proclivities and biographical influences, a benumbed public at large ruled by a murderously oppressive and omnipresent police/ fbi/cia state which enforces impossible social and economic
demands are all at work against the common man. Wealth and power are always at work immorally and unlawfully against poverty and disenfranchisement.

One therefore must not underestimate his value in this world , despite the attacks on him by political, ideological and social powers. "It is" not what it seems because all is corruptly out of kelter and is kept so by homicidal sociopaths who labor irrationally to control the thoughts and actions of all men. The artist in each of us seeks to bring us into balance within ourselves and such expressions represent the resistance to The Age Of Madness that envelopes, stifles and threatens us all.


Innocent people by the millions imprisoned.

The insanity of the fbi:

Perhaps we may begin to address the grotesque and murderous police state here:

Balance :

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