Geral W. Sosbee: fbi,cia use fear to control world    
 fbi,cia use fear to control world
picture22 Mar 2015 @ 19:40, by Geral W. Sosbee

USA intel can *cause & measure fear and thereby predict and instill cowardice. In this manner people globally are converted as though with virus into operatives for assassins and are subdued by fear.The general population is in the grips of such a malaise.

See my reports on violence as a virus in the link below.The militancy of USA spreads like a virus around the world and into the hearts of many men globally.


*induce fear


Mind Control:


See also:
My Story in 20 parts on how the fbi tries to induce fear.


Murderous tyranny:


Illegal CJS:

Note that in retrospect I now understand that all of my former associates in law and in education, all neighbors, friends and realtors, etc, eagerly abandoned our professional relationship because they feared some type of fbi retaliation. This type of control over people is based on fear and the threat of violence which is forced on our society by fbi MAFIA.
This is the police state: A lifetime of hard work and earned accomplishments wiped out instantly with the unlawful entry of low thugs and assassins of fbi.


As I post the above report the same Julie Rodriguez (photo below)enters the Brownsville Public Library, sits facing me, laughs loud, grins and continues her usual antics. The fbi was aware that I was busy posting the above report at several locations. Rodriguez frequently appears at the library when I post. Over 10 years ago she moved into an adjoining apartment which I subsequently vacated upon an episode of acute bronchitis caused by second hand toxic smoke entering my unit. Since then her face has become unfortunately quite familiar to me.

Photo of Rodriguez:

Witnessed by security officer, Mr Velador.

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