17 Mar 2015 @ 21:16, by Geral W. Sosbee


After 27 years of criminal assaults and torture of my person by the assassins of fbi, I have consulted with other attorneys and judges and now tentatively conclude that the secret federal intelligence (I.e. intel )court located in Washington D. C. provides the fbi,cia with blanket authority to engage in multiple heinous offenses against me and others  as I have documented in many of my reports like the * two referenced below dealing with murderous tyranny and quasi criminal justice system.

The judge of the intel court  is in fact a fbi operative who is an accessory to the crimes ongoing today against me and others. These crimes include torture (physical and psychological) massive, invasive surveillance with multiple assaults and battery of my person, destruction of my cars and other property, and life threatening poisonings. The costs of all such attacks on me exceeds $200,000 to date and loss of my productivity as a lawyer and teacher for the past twenty seven years. The cost to the taxpayer for the salary and benefits paid to the fbi thugs who are assigned to pursue me 24/7 globally for the same period of time  is about thirty million dollars to date. The intel judge is corrupt, cowardly, traitorous,  sociopathic and not a nice guy. If all his crimes were known to the people, he would be possibly deserving of the death penalty for widespread  multiple murders, forced suicide and other crimes against humanity. 

His identity and his filthy activities are wisely hidden from all scrutiny. He/She is lower in stature than any convict sitting on death row anywhere in the world. He is a rat.


Murderous Tyranny


Quasi cjs by fbi

See and hear this:

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