Geral W. Sosbee: Murderous Tyranny of the United States of America    
 Murderous Tyranny of the United States of America
picture13 Mar 2015 @ 18:32, by Geral W. Sosbee


The United States of America is now recognized as a criminal enterprise whose agents , operatives, and soldiers torture, imprison, murder human beings globally and in complete violation of universally recognized human, civil, constitutional and God given rights which each of us has a duty to enjoy and to protect.
The methods of killing people are widely known, as are the contrived manipulation of corrupt laws that are used to imprison Targets. The methods of torture are sometimes unimaginable and frequently hidden from public view by the government officials who engagein such crimes against humanity.

One tactic that is used to torture, force suicide, drive insane, or otherwise destroy lives is the use of high tech, directed energy weaponry. For inclusion in such a program the government selects from a wide range of Targets most of whom are labeled as activists, political adversaries, whistleblowers, or plain criminals. This kind of wholesale selection of victims and gross abuse of government power is used against me. The general population must be informed of the crimes inherent in the secret agenda of fbi/cia, etc., and of the illegal tenor of the whole scheme; here are a few points regarding the atrocities against the Target:

1) He has virtually no rights
2) No notice is provided as to the basis for hijacking his life by the fbi/cia
3) No appeal is possible
4) No administrative or Due Process hearing is offered
5) No viable opportunity to be heard is ever allowed
6) Congress and Courts pretend that no such crimes against the people exist
7) Homicidal sociopaths run the program against the Target with complete authority to destroy him

In the links below are some of my reports that support the above statements; I can state without reservation that this nation is thoroughly and murderously corrupt, that the fbi/cia , the law enforcement community and the judges whom they control et al are out of control and are the lowest form of human beings ever to live on God’s green earth; that all who work for them and who otherwise assist them in the inhumane operations that I describe are accessories to the high crimes that I list, including murder, torture, forced suicide, selective assassinations even as the perpetrators monitor the Target in real time. The rest of society are generally cowardly in not speaking up for their fellow citizens.

Here is the list of unconscionable crimes committed by this government as spearheaded by fbi/cia, congress and the courts:

Corruption of the CJS by the fbi:

Summary of the evidence that I have submitted previously on topic:


High Tech Assaults, Brain Entrainment, Imprisonment In One’s Own Home/Bed:


Collapse of the constitutional government of the United States:

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