Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi drives a *three inch nail into my car's tire    
 Fbi drives a *three inch nail into my car's tire
picture12 Mar 2015 @ 04:03, by Geral W. Sosbee

Fbi drives a three inch nail into the small tire (size 2055516) of my 2014 Nissan Sentra
(Brownsville, Texas, Police Report #15031549 in apparent retaliation for my recent report on line.)

My full report is forthcoming. Previous destruction of my previous car is not documented due to extensive assaults too numerous to record.

A picture of the nail is shown in the link below, and SAM's Club (Gil and Carlos)removed the nail as per invoice #69171, dated 3-11-2015 also shown on the attached photo.

The crime was executed by 3-4 Hispanic males driving a Suburban Chevy, with Mexican license plates, and one other vehicle also bearing Mexican plates.The thugs on direction of fbi parked illegally next to my car in order to obscure the view of my car. One stayed in the Suburban while the other drove the 3" nail into the left rear tire. All parties who witnessed the nail agreed that someone had to drive the nail into the tire with a hammer, or with a power tool nail gun. The driver and the nailer are described respectively as H/M age 50 seated in the truck, H/M age 55, large build, 5'9", 180 lbs, Brwn,Brwn. The other vehicle was operated by a Mexican male and also had Mexican License plates.

I filed the above referenced police report with officer Joseph J, Muer (phonetic spelling), badge 6919, and with Mall Security at Sunrise Mall, 2370 N. Expressway, suite 1448, Brownsville, Texas 78526, (956)541-6342 extension 226, Securiy Director Rebecca Guerra, Officers Francisco Rincones and Pauline Castillo.

On 3-12-15, I also met by chance at the mall the Mayor of Brownsville, Tony Martinez and the city manager, Charlie Cabler.

Note that earlier in the day on 3-11-15 an Hispanic male, age 45, 5'9", 175 lbs, assaulted me in the computer room at the Brownsville, Texas Public Library, and engaged in threat by intimidation. This occurred at about 1PM. I now understand that the thug in the library was there to warn me of things to come.

Meanwhile, the fbi continues the 24/7 DEW assaults on me and the cop/fools at USPI and the Texas DPS continue a fraudulent investigation of me in efforts to intimidate or threaten on behalf of the fbi terrorists. I must remind myself that this is the

United States of America.


See photo of nail and repair record here:

Or in a link here:



This matter was reported to Detective Lee Garcia Brownsville Police, badge 4600, on 3-13-15, at7:15PM.


March 15, 2015:
Fbi follows up on their 'big nail' threat this date by sending a 

lunatic H/F, age 45, 5'6", 140 lbs, Brwn,Brwn, not unattractive, 

to  assault me discreetly in the Brownsville Public Library at 1:45 PM. The whore could have sat in 50 other vacant seats, but chose to fit snugly in the computer site right next to mine.

The fbi and their insane judge are prepared to further execute on their hideous and grossly illegal scheme at any moment in fraudulent efforts to silence me. 

 I vacated the computer shortly after her repulsive arrival.The woman exemplifies all that is sad, corrupt and rotten in females used as fbi operatives/assassins.

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