Geral W. Sosbee: fbi are experts at *Gaslighting    
 fbi are experts at *Gaslighting
picture6 Mar 2015 @ 20:41, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report focuses on fbi hacking of my insurance with SAMBA (a federal employee benefit association, hereinafter referred to as S). I have been a member of S since my days as a Special Agent of the fbi beginning around 1971 and I have never failed to pay a premium.

On February 11, 2015, S advised me of the cancellation of my dental & vision insurance coverage due to non- payment of premium.

I then began to inquire into the situation and I gathered the following facts:

1) S cancelled my coverage because someone in S stated that my bank account could not be located.

2) A different employee of S advised me that all data on the account was timely received at S and that the correct account number was properly on file.

3) Another S employee stated that someone at S deleted the last digit of the account number on the day scheduled for debit of the premium amount. The same employee admitted that S made the error and that all correct account information was and is on file at S.

4) Yet another S employee admitted that this is not the first time that the fbi (or operative) hacked S files to cause cancellation of coverage as apparent retaliation against the insured.

5) DOL and OPM refuse to investigate the hacking and state that S is private and that compliance requirements do not therefore apply.

6) My certified letter dated February 25, 2015, to the Director of S, Mr. Walter E. Wilson, and to OPM Inspector General requesting that they identify the ‘culprit’ (and order that fbi operative to cease and desist illegal and criminal interference with my accounts) is to date not answered by Mr. Wilson and the IG.

7) My coverage at S is reinstated upon admissions by S that S employees caused the problems which for a time forced me to send additional payments by mail and by phone to prevent long term continuance of the cancellation.

8) Finally, my bank and S indicate that the person who deleted the last digit of my account number did so intentionally and made no effort to check S records, nor to contact me, in order to correct the intentional error that led to the cancellation of coverage.

9) One S employee stated that the error was clerical. Such excuse is not tenable because the bank and S advise me that the S computer program would have notified the culprit at S of the mistake immediately and would not have accepted the wrong data input as valid.

I have previously explained how the fbi uses such trickery (often referred to as ‘gaslighting’) as described above in order to harass me. *See


Gaslighting takes many forms and includes many of the assaults described in “My Story In Detail” at The psychological effects of gaslighting can be harmful. Such low maneuvers may also include theft of identity, destruction of my car and other personal property, home invasions and tamperings therein, extensive and blanket surveillance, repeated medical and dental malpractice of a serious nature, widespread calumny, attempts on my life, etc. For more information see my reports on the kidney stone assault, substandard medical care, etc at the following links:

fbi designs on medical patients:


Part 16 of My Story:


 At the same time that my S insurance was cancelled I began receiving letters/solicitations  from other insurance companies for dental & vision coverage.

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