Geral W. Sosbee: My Last Year in fbiMAFIA and current fbi crimes    
 My Last Year in fbiMAFIA and current fbi crimes
4 Mar 2015 @ 01:12, by Geral W. Sosbee

During my last year in the fbi, NYC, I pursued graduate work part time at night at *Teachers College because I learned of the fbi plan to illegally end my career due to my reports of crimes by the fbi. My plan was to enter the teaching profession, but the fbi had a different agenda prepared for me: torture, defamation and death.

Today, the fbi, having failed in their covert, unlawful and bestial efforts to silence me, send thuggish **USPI and Texas DPS cops to threaten me and my wife in my home. Such crimes by the PI and DPS continue to this moment as their fraudulent investigation of me continues. 

I find that this nation is as disgraceful in its secret assaults on our people as it is criminal in the horrific methods (including DEW assaults, forced suicide, murder) used to thin out the ranks of whistleblowers and political dissidents. The United States of America is a murderous fraud on the world stage, even as the popular main street media and Congress hide the truth from the public.





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