Geral W. Sosbee: How does one respond to overthrown government? WITH CALM.    
 How does one respond to overthrown government? WITH CALM.
1 Mar 2015 @ 19:06, by Geral W. Sosbee

Show no fear of the overthrown United States government; instead view the predicament as you might look at the coiled rattle snake in your face.

Are you angry at psychopathic police, fbi, cia & their  operatives for threatening, assaulting, torturing,  imprisoning, poisoning, or plotting to kill you? Then, don''t say so when assassins commissioned  as police thug detectives and agents *ask you the question because they are profiling you for incarceration.1) Keep your feelings to yourself and speak of it not above your breath. (2)







Overthrown USA government:


Collapse of constitutional gov:


Re: Richard Taus


"This the true story of an FBI agent, a US Army Colonel, a decorated hero of the Vietnam War, and a true patriot, working to protect the country against enemies from outside and inside the US government. It is a chilling and disturbing tale of corrupt activities, tragic consequences, and sinister individuals, who fostered decades of nefarious operations that only served to betray and harm all Americans....People of both political parties who have inflicted devastating injuries to countless innocent people and upon American national security interests. This book focuses on political corruption and government complicity, organized criminal activities and operations, and United States involvement in foreign wars and the suppression of citizens' civil liberties."

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