Geral W. Sosbee: The disease of human violence    
 The disease of human violence
26 Feb 2015 @ 02:39, by Geral W. Sosbee

Insidious diseases of the mind overlay a pall on this nation turning many among us into fervent supporters of the most brutal, violent and psychopathic human beings on the earth:police/fbi/cia. Such Americans often believe that, as they are on the side of the fbi & police, they are imbued with police powers and may therefore engage in calumny or assault on others in the community (Viz: the Trayvon Martin murder where the so-called neighborhood watch vigilante got clean away with stalking and murder.)


Threat by intimidation by these 2 corrupt cops=violence:


An interpretation of human violence | Austin The crimes ongoing globally by the fbi/cia assassins reflect in my considered judgment a severe mental illness that spreads invisibly by contact with others in the general population; the genesis for the infirmity may be deeply embedded in the human genome by which all human beings appear predispose…

Police/fbi thugs seek to instill fear, to torture, to imprison, & to kill their Target/Suspect (YOU and ME).

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