Geral W. Sosbee: The world does not forgive fbi, cia atrocities    
 The world does not forgive fbi, cia atrocities
25 Feb 2015 @ 00:12, by Geral W. Sosbee

As the world's population discovers  macabre efforts by USA's  fbi/cia to torture & kill Targets, expect repulsion and never ending condemnation from friend and foe alike. Also expect a few jokes on the country(the USA) that pretends to be a nation of law, order, and  justice for all.   Here are four  items, on point, beginning with the now infamous kidney stone which the fbi orchestrated in me via chemical combination in concert with a fraudulently issued civil court order issued by a true criminal posing as a *judge who is owned and controlled  by the fbi.

artificially synthesized kidney stone:


Search for kidney stone:


my labs



attempted murder with bacterial infection



assaults with DEW



additional data on fbi dirty methods 



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