Geral W. Sosbee: police/fbi sponsor violence & chaos    
 police/fbi sponsor violence & chaos
21 Feb 2015 @ 03:40, by Geral W. Sosbee

Remember this lads & ladies, that all the offenses alleged (or proven) against all jailed and otherwise tormented Targets and inmates are by far unequal in total social damage to those crimes committed against them by government thugs worldwide.1 Menninger.
Though my * reports (on the unnecessary suffering and deaths of our people at the hands of psychopathic cops and fbi assassins) may challenge the minds of persons lacking imagination, the subject demands infinitely more attention than presently afforded. The continuing inhumane treatment of human beings by the low characters in the courts, by the police/fbi's own criminals, and by the programmed public, guarantees that government sponsored violence and chaos will in fact increase right before the incredulous eyes of the uninformed and ignorant populace, even as the the police state which serves only the ruling class revels in its expanding & unchecked powers.


Let My People Go:


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