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8 Feb 2015 @ 22:00, by Geral W. Sosbee

To all who suffer, languish & die at the hands of USA's monstrous cops, fbi, jailers, prosecutors, judges, etc.: you are exonerated from any allegations ( and any missteps) as you are being tortured, imprisoned, murdered and in all cases intentionally thrown out of balance in your lives by those who target you for their egregious agenda:


Those who torment you represent the evil of our species which profits from robbing you of all that is beautiful, graceful and balanced in this life; and as such heinous creatures are acting out to escape their own 'lives of quiet desperation', they not you are most out of balance and guilty of despicable deeds and thoughts in our society. They not you have contempt for law as they twist it to wrongly deprive you of liberty and natural balance in life. God help you recover balance by understanding the malevolence directed toward you.

Yin / Yang
Balance is the natural state of things which allows us peace and empowers us to further personal growth and enrichment.
When we are "out of balance" we can not function at optimal levels. We tend to make poor choices and then have to deal with the consequences of those choices.
Being in a balanced state of consciousness allows optimal brain functioning, and produces greater harmony and peace in our lives.

Passion de vida of fbi/cops:
Reach out, Slap/cuff a hand,
Torture, Imprison & kill if you can.
Our Counter Purpose:
Save mankind through making friends,
no matter the circumstances
shared humanity prevails in the end.


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