Geral W. Sosbee: fbi's cjis continues to harass me, now admitting their unlawful conduct    
 fbi's cjis continues to harass me, now admitting their unlawful conduct
picture29 Jan 2015 @ 17:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

This morning as I exit bed at around 8:55 AM the fbi sends me a * message that the fbi cjis is monitoring me. The admission from the fbi also confirms my decades long documentations of 24/7 harassment, **felonious assaults (falsely denied by fbi, doj), fraudulent attempted failed stings, planting of my name at the scene of a *** fbi staged crime, attempts on my life, assaults by neighbors, DEW assaults unending , [link]

home invasions, destruction of my property and poisonings,etc.

****For a more comprehensive paper on fbi crimes against me see my Academia.Edu paper.


The fbi is clearly nervous about global acceptance of the truthfulness of my reports online.

Regarding fbi's discreet attempts on my life see the kidney stone report where the fbi orchestrated by chemical combination the synthetic production of an artificial kidney stone in my body; then, the fbi manipulated the hospital to send an incompetent doctor to treat me; the fbi also stole my insurance card to make more problematic my entry into the hospital. See

Finally in the following link see the comments of fbi director Comey's own operative, aka "geral is tiresome"


whose foul and dirty mind reflects the same cowardly and criminal conduct as shown in the fbi cjis message to me shown in the site meter image below.


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Note that the two cops who harassed me in my home on behalf of the thugs of the fbi knew or should have known that their investigation of me was a fraud and that the fbi's surveillance (physical and electronic) of my person has been in effect for 25-30 years.





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