Geral W. Sosbee: Phony Critics Come Out Of The Woodwork    
 Phony Critics Come Out Of The Woodwork
picture4 Jan 2015 @ 22:55, by Geral W. Sosbee

Phony critics come out of the woodwork: See ad hominem verbal assaults and defective reasoning by the two individuals below who pretend to offer legitimate comments on public message boards in response to my posts:


Note: After I discussed the above report with my friend, Barbara Hartwell, the fbi disabled my internet connection on my T Moblie 4GLTE, Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I confirmed this with T Moblie. Then, the fbi kept me awake all night by extremely intense DEW assaults, January 3, 2015.

The people do not seem to care much about my reports of DEW and related criminal assaults by the fbi, cia, nsa, and this portends ill for the future of the human race, especially as future *extermination (such as we may remember in the science fiction movies like "Logan's Run") may be achieved via lasers, tiny drones, and new technology not yet made public.

* vaporize
Today's torture:

Lasers, tiny drones, or  new technology not yet made public designed to vaporize.

Human beings have "no difficulty in exterminating one another to the last man." Sigmund Freud
(Civilization and Its Discontents, 1930)

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