Geral W. Sosbee: Comey, McCraw, Knipfing, Rodriguez, fbi assassin    
 Comey, McCraw, Knipfing, Rodriguez, fbi assassin
24 Dec 2014 @ 22:46, by Geral W. Sosbee

Meet the real fbi director Comey through the filthy, criminal, sadistic statements of his *operative/ assassin  who calls himself  "geral is tiresome" aka  "self absorbed" as shown in the comments here:


Then see the fraudulent efforts by  former fbi agent/thug who is now Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw.

He and Comey send their  foolish and retarded agent and **profiler Conrad Rodriguez (together with de facto fbi operative P I Knipfing) to my home in a joint federal/state conspiracy to try to fabricate a way to silence, intimidate, threaten or arrest me (also see more comments from fbi assassin, aka "geral is tiresome") here:


Finally realize that this nation is run by hoodlums posing as law men.


Finally, thug and killer Comey ironically says that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power

* Note that fbi operative, aka "geral is tiresome" is assigned 24/7 to torture and attempt to kill geral sosbee.

** The profile of fbi, cia agents and operatives (including minions like Knipfing & Rodriguez) is here:



Phony Critics Come Out Of The Woodwork


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