Geral W. Sosbee: Two part report of fbi crimes    
 Two part report of fbi crimes
12 Dec 2014 @ 18:10, by Geral W. Sosbee

Part One:

INSPECTOR KNIPFING & Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ are dangerous fools serving fbi

A year and eight months after the unlawful, or criminal efforts by *PI Knipfing & and Texas DPS Agent Rodriguez to assist the fbi by a fraudulent criminal investigation of me in my home, all efforts to obtain the results of their absurd intrusion are without success.

** Freedom of Information and Open Records laws are largely ignored by officials who are subject to the enforcement of such laws. Knipfing must know by now that his office was manipulated by the fbi to harass me and to try to implicate me in a crime committed by the fbi. Rodriguez knew all along that his job for the fbi was to send his fraudulent file ( fabricated by fbi thugs, criminals, operatives) to the cjis in a pervasive profiling effort by the fbi. Rodriguez sent his perjurious report to cjis and then ***denied that any such report exist. Knipfing continues to assert that his so called investigation is ongoing, thereby denying me access.

If I receive the fraudulent report from Knipfing, I will publish it. As I have previously written, these two cops (Knipfing & Rodriguez) and their handlers should be prosecuted for offenses implied in my articles.





Rodriguez' boss:former fbi agent, thug, programmed to kill, torture, imprison
Texas DPS Director is former fbi agent:


Texas shows no record of Agent Rodriguez visit to my home:


My Affidavit:


Conclusion: Texas DPS chief sent Rodriguez to my home on a fictitious investigation (with Knipfing) so that Rodriguez could feed fraudulent data from the very torturers and assassins who are on my case 24/7.


As I visit the Brownsville public library, the fbi sends the repulsive Beast to render her usual grin in my face.

Part Two:

This date T Mobile confirms that a virus has been planted in my smart phone, that for this reason I am not allowed from my phone to see any page of my website at [link]
Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 4GLTE
and that T Mobile can do nothing to remedy the problem. Also, during my call to the T Mobile ‘help’ desk, the T Mobile representative and I noticed that someone (fbi) was holding down a key on the phone in order to prevent our discussion due to noise.( I spoke with Josh in technical assistance at T Mobile).
The crime committed by the fbi to prevent me from viewing my site is apparently intended as harassment and to prevent me from making posts using my phone and data from my site.

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