Geral W. Sosbee: All Prisons Are Run By Evil Persons, All Prisoners Innocent    
 All Prisons Are Run By Evil Persons, All Prisoners Innocent
picture11 Dec 2014 @ 17:02, by Geral W. Sosbee

The alleged crimes by 99% of all inmates, accused and convicted, foreign and domestic do not compare in severity with the atrocities committed by fbi/cia 24/7, globally. So, let my people go.

I live in the hearts & minds of those persecuted/imprisoned/murdered by the deranged sociopaths who dress in the attire of law men , or who otherwise drape themselves in the colors of our national flag (fbi, cia, nsa, dod, police).

Other corrupt cops, federal, state and local who should be in jail:

My sworn affidavit against fbi, 2007:


My sworn affidavit against US Postal Inspector and Texas DPS agent, 2014:


Evidence of crimes by UT police:


World in a box :


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