Geral W. Sosbee: fbi,federal/state/local cops team up to commit crimes    
 fbi,federal/state/local cops team up to commit crimes
picture31 Oct 2014 @ 15:53, by Geral W. Sosbee

In the fbi's vendetta to silence, arrest, torture, force final exit, or kill this ex fbi agent, the fbi organizes elaborate schemes to bring all law enforcement down on geral sosbee.

Two cops who should be deposed under oath, removed from service and prosecuted for conspiracy and multiple other crimes such as suppression of evidence and criminal mischief:
Knipfing and Rodriguez.

Overthrown government as evidenced in fraudulent investigation by these two high level cops pretending to seek evidence on a crime staged by the fbi:


Fraudulent police BOLO issued by corrupt cops as directed by fbi:


Assault & battery by police/fbi operative, Alonzo Yanez:


Plus, Agent Rodriguez is looking for a way to silence me on behalf of the terrorists of fbi:


DEW assaults on me 24/7 for decades :


More on the Knipfing/Rodriguez/fbi unlawful caper at post script here:


Enemy of mankind is USA:


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