Geral W. Sosbee: Repulsive fbi operative freely stalks and harasses    
 Repulsive fbi operative freely stalks and harasses
picture30 Oct 2014 @ 16:14, by Geral W. Sosbee

During most of the year 2014 including today an fbi operative, who for the past twelve years has stalked and assaulted me in my home, on the street, and in the public libraries, tries to wave me down and to engage me in conversation for purposes known only to the fbi and to the stalker. The antics of the operative are all the more repulsive because the same thug caused toxic fumes to enter my condominium about twelve years ago resulting in an acute bronchitis episode which sent me to the doctor.

I documented the aggressive harassment in person with the Harlingen, Texas Public Library and the officials there confirmed via video the distractions; the library director and the security official asked the fbi operative to stop the stalking and the waving down incidents. I also advised the Brownsville, Texas, police department of the offenses.

Now, the Brownsville, Texas, Public librarian refuses to ask the thug to leave me alone, even though I have similarly documented the stalking and harassment in the library. I then asked the City Secretary for all information on me in the possession of the library in efforts to better understand why the library permits the harassment. The Secretary stated that no responsive information is in the possession of the library; the *Texas Attorney General (AG) refused to order compliance with the Texas Open Records Act (ORA) even after I presented evidence of a library record on me.

I also presented a written request, witnessed by several individuals, to the librarian and his staff to please advise the stalker to stop the harassment. The officials in the library are Jerry Hedgecock, Juan Guerra and James McCoy. Thus, as of this moment the stalker on behalf of the fbi assassins continues to harass me in apparent efforts to discourage me (or at least to distract me) from using the computers in the library.

When I visited the office of the AG on October 28, 2014, in Austin, Texas, the officials there refused to meet with me and refused to discuss the possible ORA violations. Furthermore, the AG is aware of my reports of felonies committed against me by the fbi over the past twenty five years and ignores same.


For more on fbi fraudulent efforts to use a Texas DPS cop to seek ways to set up this Target for further abuses see the link below; note that the fbi does not directly enter their fraudulent reports into CJIS, but instead the fbi uses Agent Conrad Rodriguez (and PI Knipfing) to enter the fictitious data as recorded by the fbi's own criminal assassins who have tried to torture and kill me for decades. In this way the fbi can say that a different agency entered the files on this former fbi agent.


*The Texas AG Gregg Abbott is presently running for governor of the state.

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