Geral W. Sosbee: fbi Illegal Hacking Incident    
 fbi Illegal Hacking Incident
picture25 Oct 2014 @ 19:13, by Geral W. Sosbee

I discovered yesterday that the fbi/cia hacked into my website and planted unauthorized data at the following page:


There, the assassins placed a link in the place of a legitimate link that had been on that page for several years. The original text on the page remained the same (as summarized below), and for that reason I did not suspect the hacking until visitors came to the page and accessed the fraudulently entered link. *See the bottom of this report for the actual site meter image of the visit to the illegitimate link. Here are the words that appeared on my page before I discovered the hacking:

" U.S. House Bill #2977 of 2001 uses term "psychotronic" as in "weapons"

The link beneath the above words was changed from the "US House Bill" link to this one:


After I discovered the fraudulent material at


and the hacking of my site, the fbi removed the data from the internet. Then, the fbi notified me (by seizing control of my TV) that I had discovered their crime; subsequently last night, I was severely attacked all night by the DEW causing extreme sleep deprivation.

The fraudulently placed link offered products to counter the effect of DEW weaponry and ELF against targets. Also in the fraudulently entered link was information about how to join the cia.

I never endorse any such ads (nor any other product); on the contrary I submit that the products to counter the high tech assaults on people probably don't work. Anyone who offers phony cures to such disturbing and painful attacks (which sometimes cause suicide) exemplifies the morbid immorality of the assassins of the fbi/cia who use the weaponry on our people.

I notified my webmaster to delete the fraudulent link which had no connection to the legitimate work of Raven whom I consider to be a leader in the battle against the torturers and killers. I also notify this date Earthnet of the incident which is not the first hacking into my site by the traitors and hoodlums of the fbi.

In a separate and unrelated incident, I filed police reports on the fbi's planting of illegal material in my email as I documented here:


Also note that the fbi regularly follows my every key stroke on the computer and strategically changes a few of them while I am trying to post reports on line.

All criminal defense attorneys should be aware that the fbi/cia thus have the ability to unlawfully and with criminal intent 'set up' political or ideological Targets for arrest and imprisonment. For more crimes committed by the fbi see my sworn affidavits, dated 2007 and 2014 on line.


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