Geral W. Sosbee: fbi says, : Neutralize Them All    
 fbi says, : Neutralize Them All
picture14 Oct 2014 @ 16:10, by Geral W. Sosbee

See the reports that should awaken the people of the world to recognize that the United States governments (and its allies) are run by criminally insane individuals who, unchecked and in a global murder and torture rampage, employ inhumane methods to achieve their insane goals.

With the following two words J. Edgar Hoover at once institutionalized and perpetuated his grand macabre scheme of intimidation and murder that thrives today in the fbi and is dubbed 'Cointelpro' (counterintelligence program) against their Targets globally:

"Neutralize Them".

The next two links present an overview of the assaults on Targets; for specific details (presented first hand by me) on such inhumane and painful attacks, both psychological and physical, see “My Story In Detail” in twenty parts and related reports.


In the following two links I record the ‘fishing expedition’ of two high level and foolish cops who on directions from the fbi actually, and beyond belief, come to my home looking for a way to arrest me and to adversely profile me, even as the fbi watches them in real time via wireless surveillance technology as the two conduct their illegal interview. During their visit I realized that the entire law enforcement community is rotten, ignores all the felonies committed against me 24/7 for over twenty years and are hell bent on serving the corrupt and murderous objectives of the fbi.


Note my sworn affidavit regarding fbi's unlawful effort to set me up in a crime committed by the fbi:


In the next link I summarize the “Cointelpro” against me in one letter with appendices: “T”.


Finally, the world media and journalists are afraid to publish such reports as mine because they know that either their own government will destroy them for doing so, or the fbi/cia terrorists will come after them for termination. The fact that such pretentious news reporters refuse to print the data as presented in this report is evidence in itself that the world and all mankind is in the grips of an unprecedented mind control program of unimaginable proportions.


Barcelona Indymedia deletes the above article.


Here is the absurd response to me from Barcelona who in fear of fbi delete the above report on October 14, 2014:

[es] Vuestro articulo (489515) titulado «fbi dice: neutralizarlos Todos» ha sido eliminado de la columna de noticias, por el grupo de moderacion. El codigo de eliminacion fue: Other. Los siguientes comentarios fueron anotados a la vista de vuestro contenido: FORA DE CONTEXT: Notícia o Comentari que no tenen cap interès fora del seu àmbit d'influència, i que no és pas el d'aquest lloc web
El articulo ya no esta disponible en internet. Pueden responder este mensaje si teneis cualquier cuestion sobre esta accion. Gracias; el colectivo de Indymedia Barcelona.
[en] Your article (489515) entitled "fbi dice: neutralizarlos Todos" has been removed from the newswire by the moderation

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