Geral W. Sosbee: fbi uses neighbors to harass dissidents    
 fbi uses neighbors to harass dissidents
picture6 Oct 2014 @ 17:35, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report focuses on efforts by the thugs at fbi headquarters (and the cjis) in Washington, D.C., to expand their harassment of Targets by turning average citizens against the Target. In this case I am the Target everywhere I live, and I am frequently driven out of my home under death threats against me and my family.

I currently reside in Brownsville, Texas, and again I and my family are being harassed every time I post material online. Recently I posted several reports on facebook, some of which focused on the criminals hiding their identities inside the fbi’s cjis. After I posted the entries (shown below) a neighbor again begins to sound alarms every time I or a family member steps outside.

The surrounding streets (from which the alarm is set off) are as follows: 2300 block Sidney St., 2500 block Valleta St., 2200 block Valleta St., 2200 block Athens, 2400 block Firenze St. I often stand outside after the alarm to determine who is doing the harassing, but without success. Note that I wrote a short report on the fbi creating a cesspool of sinister assassins (1); such fbi dirty impositions into our neighborhoods to incite crimes against political dissidents should be seen as examples of the ‘sinister assassins’ report. Also, part of the fbi’s hideous and murderous Cointelpro is the fbi’s effort to spread false rumors and innuendos about the Target in order to cause further stress; my report of the program is also shown in the link below(2).

Here are my recent posts on Facebook which caused the fbi’s cjis to notify me of their anger at my reports and at the same time to announce to me that a neighborhood operative of the fbi would continue the harassment mentioned above. All other fbi crimes against me continue, as described in the Cointelpro report shown in the last link below.

1) The torturers, serial killers and mass murderers within fbi/cia are hereby demystified and obsolesced.

2) Murderous oppression in USA's police state crept in during the twilight when most of us were unaware of the *overthrow of legitimate institutions and the killings & neutralizing of key persons.

* [link]

"Take the government off the backs of the people". Justice William O. Douglas (Justice on The Court, 1939-1975).

3) The fbi thugs & cjis punks, hiding behind their computer keyboards, anonymously, cowardly and menacingly visit me, apparently distraught with the evidence I present of their *cockroach crimes & filthy activities such as hijacking my life, Mafia style, and turning me into their own hostage.


4) All who are targeted for torture by the United States government are witness to a sea change of civilization such as the world has never seen. The change is identified as the murderous corruption of USA and all who support or ally with it globally. We represent thus the most profoundly significant testimonials of our era. We also are the voices of others who were (or are now) murdered/suicided/tortured by secret, covert, inhumane, and unconscionable methods. For all this we will be remembered for our contribution to the improvement of our species by exposing the human monsters who rule the world. We can therefore be justifiably content with our lives in the end.


fbi shocks the conscience:


More visits from nervous cjis serial killers at bottom of page below; following cjis visits, I am harassed as I exit my residence the following morning with loud alarm coming from a nearby house.





December 2, 2014
Strange vehicle parks in front of my house at 12:45PM:
Texas License CHY0510
H/F 2400 block Athens

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