Geral W. Sosbee: Recent crimes By fbi    
 Recent crimes By fbi
picture1 Oct 2014 @ 17:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

I sent this date the following data to the agencies listed below:,,,

Subject: fbi retaliation for my communication to you all (case # 140821-000​706)

The more the fbi does to me, the less the people seem to believe me when I report it.

Several months ago I filed a complaint with the CFPB (case # 140821-000​706 ). I asked for assistance and my complaint was accepted, but later trashed. I re-filed and again the complaint was trashed. Yesterday, I notified the CFPB IG and the Ombudsman that the CFPB may have intentionally trashed my complaint at the direction of the fbi. I pointed out similar fbi unlawful interference with the Texas Workforce Commission as documented here:


Then, at about 10PM, on the same evening, the fbi in apparent retaliation for my report of fbi interference with my complaint to CFPB, increased the DEW assaults on me causing nausea; a few minuted after the nausea incident the fbi took control of my cell phone and sounded the snooze alarm; this was followed by extreme sleep deprivation which kept me in bed for the 13-14 hours. After I exit the bed I am as usual exhausted from the DEW assaults. For more symptoms of the fbi DEW assaults see:


I also noticed this morning that the fbi took over the car's computer and tampered with the locks and doors.

Please note that I am under 24/7 physical and electronic surveillance and DEW assaults, with tracking device in my skull
and harassment and slander almost every where I go. fbi operatives acting as street thugs often assault me and continue to do so at the Brownsville, Texas public library. My law career was hijacked by the fbi in El Paso, Texas, in about 1988, and my health suffers from the complications arising from decades of assaults and from continuous and intense sleep deprivation for the past 15 years non stop. The fbi tears up my car, unless I purchase a new car with bumper to bumper warranty and the fbi enters into my home regularly to vandalize and steal my personal property, and to poison me. All of these crimes and assaults (both physical and psychological) are performed under the authority of a fraudulently obtained civil court order issued by a corrupt judge owned by the fbi torturers and assassins, and all are in retaliation for my reports and documentations of fbi crimes against the people.

My affidavits 2007, 2014 (the 2014 affidavit shows fbi corruption of USPI and Texas DPS)


fbi modern COINTELPRO and effects thereof on the United States of America:



State of the world:

Those under seige globally are suffering & dying, with hearts broken/dreams destroyed , and they (more than all others) feel most acutely the pain of all similarly tortured & dying persons. Some in their numbers (driven to breakdown) seek vengeance, while others resign to accept their sorrowful fate. Meanwhile, the world leaders (USA & allies) have no regard for the carnage and unmitigated damage that they cause, even escalating hostilities against our innocent brothers... & sisters because such barbarity is their creed, raison d'etre, passion de vida, and alas their eternally damned expertise. GOD HELP HUMANITY which is on a downhill slope to an hideous finale due in part to the violence championed by fbi, cia, mi6, mossad, etc.


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