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picture14 Sep 2014 @ 18:35, by Geral W. Sosbee

See my report on the pure evil USA.

The United States of America is as pure evil as they so describe the ISIS group, (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) as I have shown in many of my reports.

The fbi,cia,mossad,mi6 and their global affiliates and friends all join together in furtherance of the eugenics program to engage in unparalleled atrocities. Specifically, as I have shown, the fbi and their fellow psychopaths target for political, economic, military or ideological purposes certain individuals for the following:

blackmail, torture, forced suicide, assassination and mass murder; moreover the fbi operatives and their assistants watch and often record the suicide of the victims even as the victims suffer excruciating and prolonged pain and suffering. Death is not fast in such cases. The death squads enjoy media protection against disclosure because all such killings fit nicely into a larger global murder spree sometimes referred to as eugenics. In any event those who benefit most from the USA sponsored crimes against humanity are the ruling class and the government itself.

So, as the main street news media and their online associates in the cyber space community block my reports, the government prepares to murder more people in distant lands for the reasons stated above, and the general population is fed the usual propaganda in order to prepare them for another round of mass murder and intentional collateral damage inherent in the killing spree.

In this Age of Madness, the lethargic and mesmerized populace accepts such a degenerate state of affairs which ultimately signals the end of our species as we know it.


I reported some of the tactics against me to two federal and state investigators who came to my home on a fraudulent and harassing fishing expedition at the direction of the fbi (see my affidavit 2014). The two high ranking cops are also in receipt of outside sources who confirm the fbi plan to unlawfully imprison or kill me.


Affidavit 3014:

Miserable US ARMY, Facebook:

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