Geral W. Sosbee: Sentenced by fbi/cia to a life of torture, abuse and struggle for sanity    
 Sentenced by fbi/cia to a life of torture, abuse and struggle for sanity
picture26 Aug 2014 @ 15:57, by Geral W. Sosbee

See our summary report on exactly how the fbi/cia have destroyed America, even as whistleblowers and patriots try to notify the public of atrocities by these two evil agencies.
This report is co-authored by Barbara Hartwell:

As a result of my reports on the crimes committed by the fbi as I have outlined extensively on my website at [link] and as summarized in my affidavits which can be accessed at [link] , the fbi engaged in Mafia type operations to terminate me. I have personally experienced all of the events that are referenced below by Barbara Hartwell, and then some. The fbi has used every trick of their trade in efforts to end my life, or to imprison me. They failed.

Yet, in my efforts to survive I have come to realize that in the broader social landscape the fbi succeeds in frightening the people and imposing a police state on the American people. The fbi in concert with the cia (an equally murderous group of uncontrolled thugs- as Barbara shows us) now threaten the entire world by tactics similar to those we (Barbara & I ) document.

The responsibility for the collapse of our constitutional government must therefore be placed directly on the people of the United States of America, especially the ruling elite and the professionals who benefit most (temporarily) from the crimes against humanity that we expose.

Here is a summary of my life for the past twenty-five years; for the details see my data online at SOSBEE vs. fbi dot com.

After the initial decade of unfathomable assaults (physical & psychological) against me (beginning in about 1988, continuing to date by cowardly, underhanded & backstabbing fbi) I awakened to the reality of the nightmare facing me and I began my own resistence against the fbi thugs in about the year 2000. The fbi's dirty and criminal/felonious efforts to harm or kill me have continued 24/7, globally and uninterrupted since then to this very moment ( a twenty five year ladder of pain and suffering witnessed in large part by the congress & the courts). I was then and remain now in a struggle for life and sanity.

The following explication is borrowed from my friend Barbara Hartwell:


"As anyone who has come forward to expose government crimes and corruption (of whatever nature) knows, the price we pay is to be further targeted for extreme persecution, a neutralization campaign. The campaigns against Targets are highly organized and multi-layered. The criminal perps (government agents and their minions) will attempt to neutralize a Target by any and every means possible: Ruin the Target's good name with libel/slander. False accusations, false witness. Impugning the Target's sanity, falsely portraying him/her as "crazy". Set ups by outside agitators, and planting agents in the Target's life. Sabotage of family relationships, friendships, professional associations --in order to leave the Target isolated, without any support. Driving the Target into financial ruin, destitution. Theft, vandalism and destruction of the Target's property, including vehicles, to make certain the Target has no transportation.

*The perpetrators will do all in their power to achieve the end result of isolation, alienation, deprivation, and make no mistake: they have the vast resources to do their dirty work, and in their arrogance, believe themselves to be "above the law". Considering the general lawlessness into which this country has devolved, they can easily get away with their many and varied schemes and criminal offenses --including murder.

They will utilize the courts, the police, the social services, all of which are infiltrated and ultimately controlled by those far above them in the chain of command. Most people are unaware that this shadow government cabal has agents all over the country, in every city, town, even the smallest hamlets and villages. If this sounds "paranoid", so be it --but just wait until it happens to YOU, and see how quickly you have a change of mind.

When the Target tries to get help, or any kind of support, the people surrounding her/him will, one by one, one way or another, be stopped from providing it. The family, friends, neighbors, professional associates, may be threatened, or bribed. They may be told the most outrageous of lies about the Target, which keeps them from wanting to help. They may be told that the Target is "under investigation" by the FBI. As a result of the insidious machinations of the agents, the persons who formerly offered support (of one kind or another) may "blame the victim", and withdraw their support.

Often, the Target will not understand what is happening, at least at first. Aside from being extremely distressing, it can be terribly confusing. The Target may driven into a panic, asking himself, Why is everyone abandoning me? Why have I been betrayed? Why are all the doors slammed in my face? Why can't I get any help, no matter where I turn? Not even from my family, or from people I thought were my friends. What the hell is going on here?

However, when the campaign against the Target continues, month after month, year after year, it becomes clear: This is an organized operation. And the Target, being alone and deprived of all resources, may feel helpless to do anything to stop it. Consider what it's like to be alone, up against brutal persecution from the intelligence services, the government of the most powerful country in the world."


Recently, the fbi co-ops a retired female police employee (my neighbor in an adjoining duplex) to attempt to terrorize me and my wife over a period of a year as follows:

The neighbor plants large, live taratulas at my front and back doors, throws a dozen frogs into the back patio, sprays our patio plants with destructive chemicals, throws a dead animal with a bashed in head in the back patio, plants large moths in our patio, yells from her window every time I enter or exit, exits at all hours of night and day to walk in front of me and then returns to her unit. With fbi camera on (both in front and back of the property) and with a recording device on her person and property this crazy woman seeks a response so that the fbi can then file a complaint against me.

I am grateful to Barbara Hartwell for her many years of friendship and for her work to free mankind from the grips of the devil incarnate: the fbi/cia homicidal sociopaths and torturers (including their operatives, informants and sources/friends/associates). THANK YOU FROM MY HEART, BARBARA.

See my statements on the dilemma facing men and women as a result of the provocations imposed on them by the criminals who work for the fbi:


The fbi and all law enforcement in the USA are criminal enterprises which must be stopped:


and who better to stop the thugs than you and I!

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