Geral W. Sosbee: fbi ignores crimes by officials who cooperate in efforts to silence geral sosbee    
 fbi ignores crimes by officials who cooperate in efforts to silence geral sosbee
picture18 Jul 2014 @ 20:55, by Geral W. Sosbee

For over two decades the fbi has aggressively sought to silence me by violent provocations,DEW assaults 24/7, illegal stings, and abuse of civil process. Police, city officials (including legal counsel and chancellors/presidents/deans of universities) have assisted the fbi thugs in their fraudulent efforts against me as I have extensively shown in many of my first hand reports.

Now, the fbi meets with a high ranking city official who joins in by encouraging more assaults on me in a particular public facility by an fbi operative. I met with the official about the dirty campaign which then intensified with the same official actually engaging in the assaults fully aware of the crimes I have documented by the fbi against my person.

I also realized that human nature seems programmed to assist in the destruction, imprisonment, and killing of human beings when prompted to do so by the all powerful fbi (see my reports on violence as a virus and the killing gene activated). I have also learned from city employees that the city officials here are corrupt, incompetent, and criminal in many operations. The fbi is aware of the local corruption of government and does nothing to stop it. The fbi has ignored many complaints from citizens regarding embezzlement of funds, kick backs, blackmail, nepotism, political favoritism in hiring and outright theft in many city business dealings.

Therefore, I submit that the evil fbi has the full cooperation (in its unlawful campaign against me) of some very equally evil people in local government who cooperate with the fbi thugs in order to avoid the fbi’s investigation of the shady dealings of city officials mentioned above.

What a state of the nation, that criminals in the government at all levels seek and receive help from the felonious criminals in the fbi who fanatically seek to arrest, imprison, or kill this whistleblower.

Overthrow of US gov:


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