Geral W. Sosbee: fbi corrupts the USPI    
 fbi corrupts the USPI
picture12 Jun 2014 @ 17:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

The United States Postal Service is a criminal enterprise when directed to be such by the fbi assassins.

Summary of USPI incompetence and coverups:



See the evidence that the United States Postal Inspector (and the thugs of Texas DPS) fraudulently opened a case against me for harassment purposes at the direction of the fbi and at the same time covered up crimes committed against me by the fbi and their operatives.


More Evidence on the corruption of the USPI:

In August and September, 2002, I notified the United States Postal Inspector (USPI) of theft of my mail and tampering with same committed by the fbi. I provided the names of witnesses and physical evidencve of the crimes in the form of falsified records (false forwarding address) as shown on the envelopes. On this page see the envelopes and the false notes on same:


In September, 2002, Kathleen Roberts sent her false denials and insults in order to prevent a legitimate investigation of the crimes. Thus, the US Postal Inspector serves the interests not of the people, but of the fbi thugs and assassins at their will.


Note that in 1998, I also documented fbi's theft of my mail, but again the USPI pretended that no theft occurred.

Fin: The fbi assassins intimidate all agencies of government at will.


The US Dept of State spearheads the murderous assault on the world and is keenly aware of the fbi's corruption of the Postal Inspector's office:

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