Geral W. Sosbee: The fbi's murder of Jane Hatley by transferred intent    
 The fbi's murder of Jane Hatley by transferred intent
picture6 Jun 2014 @ 20:30, by Geral W. Sosbee

Geral Sosbee

In about 1988-1990 while the fbi was busy terrorizing me in my home in El Paso, Texas, I needed to find another place to live ; I was also trying to sell the house on Sunset Drive. Many psychological operations were being run against me 24/7 including poisoning my dog, rearranging my furniture, destruction of my new riding lawn mower, nails in my cars tires frequently, destruction of my car by repeatedly vandalism, interference with my teaching classes at Ft. Bliss Army base, stalking incidents by thugs, etc. [I recently reported these and other crimes to federal and state cops who scoffed at my report] :


When I reported the crimes to the El Paso Police, they ignored my reports. Later I discovered that the police falsely recorded my address on 'Somerset Drive' and the police also recorded that I never followed up on my complaint even after alleged police notices were sent to me. The El Paso police knew me well (and knew where I lived) because I was a State Magistrate, attorney and for a short time the Police Legal Advisor. So, for the police to pretend that my address was on 'Somerset Drive' was a complete and transparent fraud designed to allow the police to close the case that I filed. This is the first time I learned that the police are under the controll of fbi and that the local police are complicit in crimes against me, including the murder of *Jane Hatley (by transferred intent, wherein I was the intended victim and Jane Hatley was the actual victim by error) as shown below.

While I was trying to rent out or sell my house, several people pretended to be interested, but simply entered the house under a realtor's entry 'key box' system and vandalized my property. On one occasion I received an offer far below the value of the property from persons who knew that I was desperate to get out.

The most troubling assault is this one: I found a tenant who expressed an interest in renting and buying my home. After my last visit to my residence (after I had removed my furniture and cleaned the house) I had a sudden, unfamiliar episode of dizziness inside the house. I thought that I was suffering from emotional trauma from the ongoing assaults that caused the dizziness. I stepped outside the house for fresh air and to rest on my front porch; the dizziness subsided about twenty minutes later.
The next day the new tenant, prospective buyer, *Jane Hatley, moved in. After a month or two I read that Jane Hatley had died under mysterious circumstances, after being ill for several weeks.

I reported my suspicions of toxic gas to the Gas Company in El Paso, but they indicated that I was imagining the problem. I believe that Jane Hatley was the unintended victim of an attempt on my life via toxic, odorless gas.

The extreme pressure on me in El Paso was well known by a group of citizens who apparently joined in the 'fun and games' to encourage me to get out of town.

In fact, my former associate, fbi agent Gary Webb of the El Paso fbi office, told me that someone was trying to drive me out of town. He also ordered me to report to him the day that I exit El Paso, Texas .So, Gary Webb , ex fbi agent, is a key witness to the terror assaults on me in El Paso, Texas, in 1988-1990. Gary Webb is mentioned on page two of my letter to a Senator at:


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