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 Evidence of Police State USA
4 May 2014 @ 19:42, by Geral W. Sosbee

Texas Attorney General and UT officials Cover-up Crimes By UT Police, fbi, and Operatives

The following report presents evidence suggesting that the Texas Attorney General (AG) and high ranking officials at the University of Texas, Health Science Center (San Antonio, Texas ), hereinafter referred to as UT, engage in a criminal conspiracy to cover-up well documented crimes committed against me by UT police at Harlingen and San Antonio, Texas.

For a complete background on the elements of this report see parts 19 (a,b,c) of My Story beginning at:

This page has many of the communications referenced in this report:


On or about January 9, 2014 I made another Open Records request of UT and on January 27, 2014, the UT claimed no record exists. My Open records request was directed to UT to release information concerning the Internal Affairs (IA) investigation that was promised me by the Chief of Police Michael Parks (hereinafter ,Parks)at UT. The OAG ID # is 518589.

I subsequently submitted to the AG evidence (in the form of an email from Parks to me indicating that a IA case is open) and that UT officials lied when they denied existence of any record. On March 17, 2014, an honest official at AG agreed that the evidence that I submitted of Parks admission of an IA investigation was sufficient prima facie proof of a violation of the Texas Open records Act because UT denied any and all such record. Here is the letter from AG to UT indication non compliance with the Act:


Also, see my report in the following link where I sent to AG a letter on this subject; the AG was also in receipt of evidence of multiple felonies committed against me as documented in my sworn statements:


In early April, 2014, I notified AG that UT has made no effort to comply and has not responded to my Open Records request. The AG was in possession of the false denial of a record by UT officials by certificate dated March 20, 2014; the AG withheld that denial from me until I made a request for Open Records from the AG himself. I knew that someone in the AG office was protecting UT from public discovery of their false denials.

The constant false denials of records by UT is well documented on many pages of my sites, but the present denial is patently false and problematic because such denial reflects an effort to prevent an IA investigation of my claims regarding police crimes against my person. The UT police and the UT officials are all in collaboration to hide the many criminal offenses that I document in the above referenced sites against UT police, fbi and their operatives. The AG has the authority to file District Court documents requiring the UT police to come clean about their crimes, but AG prefers to protect the assassins of fbi, et al.
An IA case needs to be opened to protect the public from continuing crimes by the UT police.

On April 29, 2014, the AG finally provides me with the UT false denial dated March 20, 2014, signed by UT official Andrea M. Marks. Only when I made a new request for Open Records from the AG himself did AG provide me with the UT official denial. The AG who provided me with the UT denial was Neal Falgoust, and in his letter to me dated April 29, 2014, he improperly closed the file on this matter in a transparent effort to silence me on the issue of a much needed IA investigation at UT police.

Thus all the evidence that I have collected shows the formation of a police state in the United States which all officials at every level support.

See also:

Summary of fbi crimes against me:

Understanding the sick mindset of cops/fbi:

I wrote the material used by the cops in the following link, but the cops failed to use quotes even as the thugs in blue deleted my name and links. "Cops are guilty of criminal intent" are my words as are those in the opening and subsequent paragraphs. The murderous cops are as illiterate and disrespectful of basic expository forms as they are hateful and slanderous in their repeated verbal assaults. The reader can see for himself how the cops' twisted thinking evinces a certain insanity throughout law enforcement.


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