Geral W. Sosbee: No Stopping The Madness Of Government    
 No Stopping The Madness Of Government
picture25 Mar 2014 @ 16:07, by Geral W. Sosbee

As I do not expect a near term solution to the madness of our times, I hold out no false hope to those of us under attack. The truth is simple: *One cannot reasonably expect the homicidal sociopaths of government (and private groups) who are paid to torture and kill to stop it; **the congress is fully aware of the illegal devastation of lives and yet does nothing;*** the courts are equally corrupt, morose and cowardly and do less than nothing to address plaintiff's legitimate pleadings. So, unless the general population removes the government officials in the three branches of government, I see zero chance in my lifetime of a remedy.


The executive branch of this government is the most murderous in the history of mankind.


Barbara Boxer, Senator- Her Assistant states, " The only way to stop the fbi campaign against you is by an act of Congress."


I was threatened and harassed by the evil and mind controlled judge who refused my request for a temporary injunction against the fbi.

The program against Targets is supported by an invisible public policy where police & civilians are allowed by a kind of emerging custom to torture and kill (or force into suicide) the helpless victim. This sorry state of affairs is called ...the law of custom (where crimes against Targets are deemed virtuous) and such policy supersedes all other law. In other words barbaric madness, not jurisprudence, is allowed to rule society when convenient for the tyrannical government.


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