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 Evil in focus
picture8 Dec 2013 @ 19:27, by Geral W. Sosbee

The *worldwide network of friends of the accused and terrorized who struggle in intellectual and spiritual opposition against the **human monsters of our generation thanks you, each & every one in our company, for your efforts to expose the methods and identities of the torturers and assassins of our culture; surely stopping such evil is the greatest goal or ideal of our time, and our work is therefore among the most noble of human endeavors because we labor and suffer to rid our species of the demonic-like curse and degenerative affliction that punctuate the demise or downfall of our violently corrupted civilization.

The usa is a global & murderous terrorist/criminal enterprise hell bent on world inhumane domination at any cost; usa is hereby known as 'macabreus', a word that captures the essence of this Godless State at war with humanity.

The fbi operatives who continue for decades to criminally assault me do so with arrogance and devotion as though they have the legal and moral right to do so. Such miscreants include medical and dental doctors, police (on and off duty) mechanics, and any one coopted in the general population. See for example:




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