Geral W. Sosbee: Texas Workforce Commission is De Facto fbi Operative    
 Texas Workforce Commission is De Facto fbi Operative
picture17 Sep 2013 @ 19:36, by Geral W. Sosbee

For the past few years I have accessed my website at from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWFC) Office in Harlingen, Texas. Recently the office blocked my site, even after I documented that their reason for blocking was fraudulent. TWFC previously violated many regulations to prejudice my legal rights, attempted to libel me, prevented a HUD investigation on my behalf (even as TWFC had a legal duty to assist me) and now cover up an assault against me in their office.


Below is the report where I first reported the abuses by the TWFC whose employees and officers are evidently serving the interests of the fbi assassins in efforts to silence me:

On or about September 5, 2013,AM, an fbi operative entered in the

the Texas Workforce office (where for several years I access the

computer without incident) at

601 E Harrison Ave,Harlingen,TX78550(956) 423-9266 where I was

working on the computer.

The fbi thug began harassing me and a few days later, on

September 11, 2013, the same office blocked my website

from my view as follows:



Web Page Blocked!

You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your

internet usage policy.

Category: Personal Websites and Blogs "

I subsequently identified two witnesses to the verbal assault by the

fbi operative and they agreed that I have never caused a problem in their office

and that they witnessed the verbal assault on September 5, 2013.

They are Yadira Espinosa and Amy Garza.On September 11, 2013,

I met with the manager of the same office, Belinda Oliverez, and I asked her

to rescind the 'block' because the site is a professional website of

my attorney status as approved by the State Bar of Texas:


Oliverez stated that she would forward my request to IT Director Fred Aguilar

at the Texas Workforce office in Brownsville, Texas (851 Old Alice Road) for

his consideration.

I advised Oliverez that the fbi frequently stages crimnal assaults and battery

on me at every computer terminal I access, including the one shown on this

update and the one documented here:


[I note in this report the vendetta that some of the employees at

Texas Workforce Commission conduct against

me as documented on this page.]

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