Geral W. Sosbee: Request for Disclosure of information under Open Records Act and Freedom of Info    
 Request for Disclosure of information under Open Records Act and Freedom of Info
19 Jun 2013 @ 16:33, by Geral W. Sosbee

This is a formal request for release of information and disclosure of same to me, under the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Records Laws of the United States and of the State of Texas. Specifically, I request all information, all documents, reports, findings, memos, emails, internal notes of investigators, police reports, court documents, copies of my various articles & websites, and any other item of any kind that relates to the person of Geral Wayne Sosbee (DOB:8-30-45; SSAN:)that is in the possession or control of the United States Postal Inspector’s Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety. I am also particularly interested in any such item as mentioned above that was recorded on or about April 30, 2013, and thereafter as a result of the official investigation at my home at Harlingen, Texas, 78550 and at any other location in the United States. I also request a complete copy of the investigative report conducted by the two investigators who are named below together with any criminal or civil data collected by the two investigators relating to me, my life, my work, etc. The investigation focused on me as a person of interest in a staged crime in the Dallas, Texas area wherein my name was planted at the scene of the crime; also, the investigators recorded their subjective findings during the interview in their efforts to create or manufacture a profile on me as a possible domestic threat.

In the event that this request is denied in full or in part due to exceptions from disclosure, then I request that this letter (email) stay on file as an active request until such time that the exemption ends, whether such time frame be for one year or ten years. I request that all such items mentioned above then be mailed to me at my address shown at the bottom of this communication.

The two investigators referenced above are described as follows:

APRIL 30, 2013

Trey Knipfing, Postal Inspector, 14800 Trinity Blvd., Suite 600
Fort Worth TX 76155-2675
(817)359-2765, Fax: (817)359-2708

Conrad Rodriguez, Agent, Texas Department of Public Safety, Dallas, Texas
contacted me at home 4-30-13 for over one hour re suspicious use of my name to commit a criminal offense.
threats, powders, ticking packages 1-877-876-2455

The background for this request is as follows:

Over the past twenty years the fbi and its operatives have engaged in an extensive and ongoing program continuing at present which is designed to cause me great harm. The program is sometimes referred to as non consensual human research and experimentation and involves 24/7 electronic and physical surveillance with concomitant assaults, battery and assorted other provocative crimes committed against my person. I have documented many such criminal offenses and I have made the US Attorney and the Texas Attorney General aware of same. Some of the links below exemplify my success in the documentation of said crimes. See particularly the first link below relating to a crime committed by police/fbi operative Alonzo Yanez who pled ‘no contest’ in open court to my sworn criminal complaint against him.


The US Postal Inspector refused to investigate my reports of postal crimes committed against me:


The US Supreme Court rejected my Writ wherein my pleadings serve as record of many crimes committed against me by the fbi and their operatives:


My sworn affidavit also serves as evidence of the crimes I allege:


Concerning Inspector Knipfing (US Postal Inspector) and Agent Rodriguez (Texas DPS) mentioned above , my report on their visit to my home is here:


or here:


The fbi’s CJIS sends me notices showing that they too are very much interested in my lack of respect for their efforts:




doj/cia also touch basis with me here:


doj/tracking message is shown here:


other agencies are aware of the fbi’s unlawful efforts to set me up for a crime::


The report of performance is a typical message sent to me from fbi’c CJIS:


 (Note that at the bottom of this page I enclose the most recent notice from CJIS that they are following "report of performance" on me)

Here the cia falsely denies any record on me:


Here is the obscure law authorizing surveillance when evidence of a crime exists:


Thus one may readily see from the evidence that I have collected that the fbi, frustrated at their failure to railroad me into prison, or to kill me, send their operatives to commit crimes and to fraudulently link my name and my person to such crimes. All of my statements herein are supported by compelling evidence, both direct and circumstantial, and are further documented at many of my websites and reports and articles online.

The above data is sent (and is intended to reach) this date via email to the following officials:

US Postal Service
MANAGER RECORDS OFFICE                                  

Fax: 202-268-5353

Postal Inspection Service

Fax: 703-292-4083

Inspector General
1735 N LYNN ST STE 10000

Fax: 703-248-4626


Office of General Counsel
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0170

fax to (512) 424-5716


Jordan Hale
Public Information Coordinator
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711 2548
fax: (512) 494-8017

FOIA/Privacy Staff
Executive Office for United States Attorneys
600 E Street, N.W. (BICN Room 7300)

Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20530-0001
(202) 252-6020


I certify that this message is delivered this date by me, via email, to the officials listed in the heading above, and that I make this request in good faith and that I do not intend hereby to cause any unnecessary inconvenience to any person.


Geral W. Sosbee

P.O. Box 3374

Harlingen, Texas 78551


By Location > Visit Detail
Domain Name (Unknown)
IP Address 153.31.113.# (FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems)
ISP FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : West Virginia
City : Clarksburg
Time of Visit Jun 18 2013 11:46:39 am
Visit Exit Page [link]


On September 17, 2013, the US Postal Inspector unlawfully refuses my request for Freedom Of Information, stating as follows: "The material you have requested is exempt from mandatory disclosure since it consists of investigatory records compiled for law enforcement being withheld from disclosure this time could be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings."
Here is my response to the absurd letter :

September 24, 2013

Chief Counsel

US Postal Service

475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW

Washington D.C. 20260-1135

Re: Office Of Counsel Letter to me dated September 17, 2013, My request for records shown here:


This appeal of the refusal of your office to provide the records that I requested is based on the following propositions:

The multiple grounds raised by your office are unreasonable, capricious and in violation of fundamental right to access records which clearly reflect a fraudulent and unlawful witch hunt in efforts to harass me.

The inspector admitted that the suspect in the case under investigation is probably an employee of the Texas DPS and that a public integrity case is underway.

The inspector and the Texas DPS agent named in the above cited link both engaged in an aggressive and fraudulent inquiry which was designed to fraudulently profile this fbi whistleblower in order to help the fbi fabricate a basis to unlawfully imprison me. The staged crime that was the object of the instant postal inspector inquiry was set up by an unidentified fbi operative (possibly the same DPS operative mentioned above) who made sure to plant my name at the scene of the alleged offense in order to *forge the phony and unlawful investigation of me.

Your denial of my request is an effort to prevent me from asking for a congressional investigation of your office and the inspector’s office for fraud, for violations of the US Constitution, and other laws designed to protect me, my privacy and my rights to equal protection under the state and federal laws.

Geral Sosbee

P.o. Box 3374

Harlingen, Texas 78551

* For more on this subject see my comments here:


and police/fbi provocations here:
and parts 19a,b,c, of "My Story".


The following message is sent by me on October 30, 2013, to the office of Government Information Services, National Archives and records Administration , 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001, Room 2510, via email at, with 3 enclosure faxed to the same office at (301)837-0348.

Over a decade ago I reported to the **US Postal Inspector postal crimes against me by agents/operatives of the fbi; all postal authorities refused to inquire and actually sent me insulting messages in response to the evidence that I submitted.

Now, the fbi stages a crime in Dallas, Texas, plants the name 'g sosbee' at the scene of the crime, and causes the US Postal Inspector and the State of Texas to investigate me, even though zero, no evidence exists linking me to any crime, ever. Also, I am under for the past decade or so, a 24/7 assaultive surveillance program spearheaded by fbi/cjis in their efforts to cause a breakdown, or to imprison or kill me.

The program is covert and involves extensive and prolonged crimes against my person as I have outlined at My Story in 20 parts online. I asked for a copy of the report filed by the Postal Inspector who unlawfully and unjustifiably harassed me in my home. For more on the visit to my home by the thugs of law enforcement see my summary report below under the heading of * Fishing Expedition. Note that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) tailed along with the postal inspector in unethical and unlawful efforts to profile me for reasons known only to TDPS Agent Rodriguez and his friend (the US postal insepctor). Agent Rodriguez was particularly offensive in my home as he dropped hints as to his real agenda against me which did not include the investigation of any postal crime.

Regarding this appeal to your office to mediate, in a letter dated October 22, 2013, Counsel C. Klepak of the US Postal Office refuses to release any information relating to the bogus investigation of me, citing various laws.

Please note that all such laws do not apply when evidence shows crimes committed by or covered up by the US Postal authorities as I have documented; all such crimes by the postal inspector in efforts to cover uo fbi crimes are committed at the same time that the fbi engages in extensive criminal assaults on me for the past 13-20 years.

Thus I am attempting to gather evidence of such offenses in order to hold the federal and state employees accountable; and to this end I submit that withholding of my records under FOIA is in itself evidence of continuing crimes against me by the fbi, postal authorities, and their operatives who know that I am not a suspect in any crimes.

If no one in government can be held to answer to the attempts on my life, to provocative assaults, torture, and to other offenses committed against me that I have extensively outlined online, then the police state is fully realized here in the USA. See my Writ:


Please note that I forward today a copy of this email and a copy of the 3 page letter from Klepac to your office, fax number (301)837-0348

I certify that I am over the age of 18, that I sent this date a coopy of this message to the office of Klepak at 475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC 20260-1135, and that I make this appeal for mediation in good faith with no intent to cause any unnecessary inconvenience to any person.

Thank you.

Geral Wayne Sosbee

P.O Box 3374

Harlingen, Texas 78551

[SSAN, DOB, Phone numbers deleted from this update.]

*Fishing expedition:










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