Geral W. Sosbee: *Huffington Post Abruptly Turns Against Me    
 *Huffington Post Abruptly Turns Against Me
picture12 Jun 2013 @ 19:52, by Geral W. Sosbee

After years of successful membership at Huffington Post (HP)where I achieved the status of 'Super User', and where I also posted over a hundred reports about fbi abuses, the moderator banned me today with no explanation. I had many fans and followers there on HP and I was certain for a while that HP represented the voice of reason in a country gone mad; I was wrong.


I am sadddened to learn that the Huffington Post group has apparently surrendered
to the very thugs and assassins whom I have investigated for thirty five years and concerning whom I have reported online for about fifteen years.

Other groups have also banned me and some instances threatened me for my reports.See:


Thus, as the nation falls into murderous and totalitarian rule by assassins in and associated with the intel community, one must keep always in mind the names of the various internet and media news groups who cover up truthful reports like mine; and one should also record the names of the various message boards & forums who do not resist the homicidal sociopaths and tyrannical fascists who imprison, torture and murder our people. I have done my job of reporting, even as the fbi tortures, threatens, libels, and attempts to kill me. Shame on HP.




"Sorry, but you have been banned from commenting.

You can post to us this information Contact us"

My last profile:




Indybay always deletes my posts and seem to be run by fbi/cia/nsa operatives:


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