Geral W. Sosbee: University of Texas Continues Harassment On Behalf Of fbi    
 University of Texas Continues Harassment On Behalf Of fbi
21 May 2013 @ 22:34, by Geral W. Sosbee

Here is my message to UT officials asking that they stop the hostile acts against me by UT police, fbi thugs and library staff; UT official sends me the *subliminal hate message shown at the bottom of this page (in site meter entry) when he receives my message.

May 21, 2013

1)Office of the Attorney General PO Box 12548 Austin, TX 78711-2548

2)Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa, MD, University of Texas


Wm. Eugene "Gene" Powell, Chairman

Paul L. Foster, Vice Chairman

R. Steven "Steve" Hicks, Vice Chairman

James D. Dannenbaum, P.E., Vice Chairman

601 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas 78701-2982


3)Harry S. Lynch, Jr., MBA, CPA

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

7703 Floyd Curl Drive

San Antonio, Texas 78229-3900

Re: GERAL SOSBEE, Open Records Request & Complaint against UT .



Dear Sirs,

This letter has two (2) purposes as follows:

1)Request for open records disclosure.

2)To provide background data on continuing crimes against my person and harassment , on campus at The University of Texas Health Science Center, 2102 Treasure Hills Blvd., Harlingen, Texas 78550; all references to ‘campus’ below refer to the campus of UT Health Science Center at Harlingen, Texas.

Enclosed please find one copy each of the following six documents:

My sworn complaint against UT contract employee Alonzo Yanez, dated October 12, 2009

Record of Judgement on Yanez who pleaded "No Contest", dated June 17, 2010

Two page ‘harassing e-mail’ complaint against me by UT police officers Wilson and Bleier, dated 10/03/09

BOLO on me, dated August 20-2009

My complaint dated March 29, 2013, against Charles Gough

As I have documented extensively at my website at


and related links, I filed a criminal complaint against the above mentioned Yanez for assault and battery of my person on campus, inside the libarry; the UT police unlawfully refused to accept my complaint, so the Harlingen, Texas police filed a criminal case against Yanez in connection with the same crime.

The judgement on Yanez validates my criminal complaint both against Yanez and unofficially against the UT police operations which were designed unlawfully to lead to my arrest or removal from the campus library.

The two page harassing email report by the UT police, San Antonio, Texas, is a fraud, contains false entries, and was constructed by the UT police to assist the military intelligence and the fbi in their illegal counter intelligence campaign against me. See my documentations on line.

The fraudulent "BOLO" was issued against me by the same officers who filed the false email case and who sent the "BOLO" to Harlingen, Texas, for purposes of harassment of my person every time I entered the library on campus. The same "BOLO" is still being used today for harassment purposes.

My above mentioned complaint against Charles Gough was tampered with by the very same police officers of UT, San Antonio, Texas, who have engaged in the illegal activities referenced above and in my website. Each time I try to report a crime or harassment in the library, the staff refuses to cooperate.

The campus security officers and the campus police have followed the illegal mandate of the UT police, San Antonio, Texas, for several years continuing to date. For example, Security officer ‘Paula’ went out of her way to alert the library staff to watch me and to report any unusual activity in order to have me banned from the library. Even the library staff kept a record on me and does so today every time I enter the campus library. I have actually seen the log maintained by the library staff on me. However, today, the library begins a new electronic harassment campaign intended to create a false basis to ban me from the facitily. As a result of my complaint against Gough mentioned above, several of the staff at the campus lbrary show a hostile attitude against me as follows:

One employee falsely denies any knowledge of ‘BOLO’ or log of my activities; she also refused to cooperate with me when I tried to file an assault complaint in the library (as evidenced by the Gough report herein). She seems eager to watch me in the library, but she has no interest in the assaults on my person by patrons on campus as evidenced by the Yanez and Gough reports.

Another employee sends me this date an unfounded electronic notice (interrupting my work on the computer on campus) of library cell phone policy; she also failed to return fifty cents on coffee that I purchased in the facility where I paid a one dollar deposit for a cup of coffee that cost 50 cents. Previously she always made sure to provide me with change.

I have never violated any policy of the campus library and I continue to be very careful in the library to maintain a low profile, even as the crimes against me continue on campus to date, as evidenced by this and other reports.

I request that the University of Texas Chancellor order all hostilities against me to cease.

I request a copy of any and every record on me in the possession of the library staff (and UT Police on campus) including any ‘BOLO’, and ‘Log’ or any other internal memo or record that relates to my person; specifically, I also request a copy of the false notice sent to me this date via UT library computer by library emploee, at approximately 8:30 AM, on campus while I was working on the computer. I request a refund of the 50 cents that she knowingly failed to make to me for the coffee purchase.


Finally, as I have documented, I am not intimidated by the thugs at UT, nor the corrupt police and their fbi mentors, nor the library staff who seek to discourage me from use of the facilities. I make this request in good faith with no intention of causing unnecessary inconvenience to any person.

I certify that I mail today via United States mail a copy of this communication ( letter ) with 6 enclosures to each person as addressed and listed above. I send this message also (w/o enc) via email to the following addresses:

Thank you kindly



* Here is the subliminal hate message to me from cowardly & corrupt UT officials this date, upon their receipt of the above e-mail; note that the hate message is contained within the image below which directs the reader to these links:


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threats & harassment by fbi's cjis:



On July 3, 2013, I sent a request to the chief of police at the University of Texas (UT), San Antonio, Texas, to open an internal affairs investigation on the police at UT Health Science Center (San Antonio & Harlingen) who engaged in the following crimes and offenses against my person as documented in parts 19(a,b,c) and related links at my Story:


filing a false or fraudulent police report, falsification of the contents of the fraudulent police report by entering patently false data, criminal assault and battery on my person by a UT Police/fbi operative, refusal to take my reports of crimes against my person, filing a fraudulent 'BOLO" on me, falsification of a separate crime against me regarding a different police/fbi operative on campus, committing libel, slander & general assaults by police, and creating a multi year hostile environment against me at the library . I received the following firecracker response from the chief who labeled my work online as "the worst web sites ever, sickchirps":

GERAL W. SOSBEE vs. fbi By Location > Visit Detail Visit 144,551

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