Geral W. Sosbee: fbi & operatives act as modern day nazis    
 fbi & operatives act as modern day nazis
picture13 Apr 2013 @ 15:48, by Geral W. Sosbee


See the Portland Indymedia link below for the insane harassment and verbal assaults by fbi operatives (pickurboog & his alter ego, snake). Excerpts from the filthy minds are also shown below.

Pickurboog and his alter ego jummythesnakeduval (snake) represent the assassins of this government; on behalf of the fbi-the federal burro of investigation, the Jackass of USA- such disturbed individuals as pickurboog and snake also reflect the decadence of the usa which relies on these cutthroats and Godless fools because no moral human being would accept their low & murderous assignments. So, when the general public next asks why do we have so much violence and conflict in our society (notwithstanding that the corrupt usa has 5% of world's population and 25% of world's prison inmate population), the reader may simply find the answer by looking in the mirror and by realizing that we give to the lowest form of human intellect (pickurboog and snake and their handlers in CJS and the ruling class of high culture)the power to control our lives through the fear and violence that they instill. The real fbi and police are in the gutters and so is the USA, until we as a people end their grip on us.

Expose fbi murderous fools:

Innocent people imprisoned and murdered:

Mind control:



Where are my lies Slimeball

08.Apr.2013 16:26


Pick Ur Boogyman


Sorry, you old slimeball, this is not about me, it's about your fraudulent claims of being a decorated war hero.
You have never answered the question: Why do you claim to be a decorated vietnam vet when you received absolutely NO individual decorations. All of your awards are UNIT awards or awards that are given to EVERYONE. You have NONE, NADA, ZIP individual decorations for merit as you insinuate when you say geral w sosbee decorated vietnam vet.
You are an insane and cowardly little punk. May your troubles be multiplied each and every time you tell/post a lie or file a false report on someone. May your fraudulent claims eventually catch up with you and some innocent victim of your "false" reports sue your stinking, lying ass to bankruptcy. May every lie you tell return just reward to you.
Quit posting your insane drooling rants and just answer the question. The longer you wait the more evident it becomes that you are nothing but a PUNK ASS FRAUD.

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You Are Batshit Crazy

12.Apr.2013 17:38


James Duval


Whoever this Geral person is, he is just plain batshit crazy. Fuck him and the fbi burro he rode in on.

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