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 fbi desperate antics
25 Mar 2013 @ 23:07, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi is desperate to silence this voice against the corrupt & homicidal agency; so their thugs go all out on several fronts to stop him. Besides the increased assaults by fbi street thugs, false medical report, and increased DEW assaults, etc., here are the latest smears:

1) fbi operative 'paint me doubtful', aka psychopath, exclaims " murder":


"The most incompetent government agencies in the world

26.Feb.2013 13:30

Millions upon millions of dollars and man hours wasted watching this imbecile and no results. What in the world justifies spending so much time and money watching this goober? They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance."


2) fbi falsely says, using GOOGLE, search engine:

Geral Sosbee
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Feb 21, 2013 – Geral Sosbee wrote about hearing voices, voice to skull, electronic harassment and organized stalking. decorated Viet Nam war veteran: ...

False diagnosis from suspicious doctor: Paranoia Delusional Disorder



In apparent retaliation for my recent reports, the fbi increases assaults by street thugs (& DEW) in efforts to provoke a response. *The University of Texas Health Science Center at Harlingen, Texas, is once again used on March 29, 2013, by the fbi who sends the same half wit operative (who for several years has harassed me in public libraries) to stalk, harass, and attempt to provoke a response. The last such provocation by a different fbi operative at the same location is documented here:


*I attempted to file a police report on the same day with the UT Police officer on duty.

In a separate instance the fbi sends lunatic Ms. Rodriguez to assault me in her car on the streets of Harlingen, Texas.

Then, the Texas AG refuses to ask the UT police to release the information on the latest fbi covert assault:

"RE: pending open records request by geral sosbee, April 3, 2013

April 10, 2013

Geral Sosbee


RE: Public Information Request No. 13-35871

Dear Mr. Sosbee:

This e-mail is in response to your public information request to the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), received by the OAG on April 3, 2013. A copy of your request follows this e-mail.

The OAG has reviewed its files, and the OAG has no information responsive to your request.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


James A. Burkhart, Jr.

Public Information Coordinator’s Office

General Counsel Division"

As I have documented on many pages of my site at [link]


the fbi runs illegal and criminal assaults against me under the noses of the UT police who, knowing full well whart is going on, pretend that I am making it all up. The UT police thus exemplify in covering up crimes, refusing to investigate crimes, and engaging in crimes themselves againt my person, that they (the UT police) are a source of much violence and criminal activity in the state of Texas. Such thugs in blue, the fbi and the Texas AG who defends all of them, are responsible for the collapse of this nation into a police state.

On March 29, 2013, I reported the above referenced assault on me by an fbi operative to Officer Adelaida Leal of the UT HSC Police, Harlingen, Texas; she took the information, but apparently her supervisor (the same who whitewashed other crimes committed against me on campus and who refused to investigate same) quashed the inquiry even before it began. This type of police crime is most destructive to society.

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